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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Durabird02, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Yea, it's against credit card policies to charge an extra fee for customers using cc to pay. Basically, you have to determine if the convenience is worth it to you or not. Like it's been said, it's more convenient and in many instances can be easier to sell the customer on larger projects. We used to use Paypal and were happy overall but now have switched to a new system where clients can login to their account, view invoices, pay them via cc, and it automatically gets deposited to our account. Lot easier on the accounting end of things. The that you refer to is the only one piece of the pie. You need a merchant account through another third party to hold your money and transfer it. Hard to explain on here but basically runs the transaction side of things but doesn't not hold anyones' account - from what I understand.
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    To clarify a bit, for the majority of states, this changed last January. It's still illegal in:
    California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, and Texas
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    The Quickbooks Online Payments were actually very easy to set up. A quick questionaire where you fill in your bank info, a day or so later, an email letting you know you're good to go. The Quickbooks actually assigns the LINK to each individual invoice. If a customer receives online billing, they just click the link. If they receive a printed invoice - their own link is there, just type it into the search bar online, and the rest is up to them.

    My customers that are using it are "older" people, so it must be easy enough!
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    thanks, thats makes sense. Sounds like paypal is still a pretty good way to go then.

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    I hope you can answer a few questions for me...

    When the customer clicks the link on the emailed invoice or types it in their browser, what happens...what does the customer see/have to do to make a payment?

    Does this bring them to a screen that shows them their invoice with the balanced owed on their account (total of multiple invoices for their account) or do they only see this one invoice or is their a blank payment box that the customer has to enter the amount they wish to pay? If the customer gets an invoice for $100 can the customer enter a payment of $50 or are they only able to make the full payment of $100?

    Am I correct in assuming that this is handled on an Intuit/Quickbooks website and not on my website?

    How automated is the system when it comes to recording the payments that have been received? What do I have to do inside of Quickbooks each time a customer makes a payment? Is it as simple as clicking a sync button or do I have to manually enter every payment and deposit like I do when I receive a check from the customer?

    Sorry for all the questions.
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    The first time they click the link, it asks them to set up payments using their own banking info. I NEVER SEE THEIR PERSONAL BANKING INFO.

    One they have set up their own info, when they click the link on subsequent invoices, they log-in to the Intuit system USING INFORMATION THAT I NEVER SEE.

    I did a test run before using it, billing myself $1.00 and and paying myself $1.00. ONE DOLLAR was deducted from my personal checking account and FIFTY CENTS was deposited into the Landscape Checking account. The balance of 50 CENTS I wrote to "bank fees" expense, so the $1.00 invoice I was carrying on QB cleared.

    Now, as to your question of HOW MUCH they can pay -- good question :confused: Tonight or tomorrow, I'll re-bill myself and let ya know - LOL!

    You know when YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT has received the money, because you receive an EMAIL letting you know that so-and so has paid you online. The email arrived from Intuit. "IF" you do online banking and download the banking info into your QB, you then would process the payment the usual way. It's just that YOU did not actually make the deposit.

    Are you a QB user? If so, I use 2012 -- self-taught. Look-up their tutorial on receiving payments.

    I'll BBL or tomorrow w/info on the partial payment etc.

    Hope this helps a bit.
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    I've been using QB for several years. If memory serves, I'm using the Contractor 2010 edition.
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    It also has brand name recognition that give people a sense of security. Most laypeople don't about QB.
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    Hey all. My name is Brant. I own ReliaBills and am an advertiser on I am glad to hear everyone so aware of the laws regarding charging convenience fees or surcharges. Fact is, it's not worth losing your merchant account over. Let me offer another suggestion...encourage the use of ACH or echecks in addition to credit cards. An ACH payment is simply a direct debit from a checking or savings account. Typically costs between $0.50 and $0.99 per transaction. So for larger invoices, it can be way cheaper than credit cards.

    Some of the solutions mentioned are great invoicing and billing solutions (Quickbooks for example). Their only shortfall is that they don't actually help you get paid. As the owner of an alternative solution, my opinion is clearly biased. But what we do differently is we send automated email reminders, late payment notices, confirmations, etc. to your customers. All emails contain a link so customers can pay you directly from the email or they can go to your site to click on a pay no button. All emails are completely branded with your look and feel. You define how often and when they go out. Use our templates or write your own. Just set them up once and you are done. We even give you a portal so your customers can log in, view payment of billing history, and even keep a payment method on file so they can automate payments. You don't even need a merchant can use ours.

    Sorry for the self promotion. But we save landscapers a ton of time and we actually help you get paid (lemme know if you'd like a reference).
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    I learned that the lawn care millionaire guy has credit cards for customers on file so he can charge each client right after service and is paid without having to bill and wait for them to pay.

    Not sure what he uses and this type of set up may take more legal requirements but that is the way I think it should be. Sick of waiting for payments. I want my money when I'm finished. Period.

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