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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by FIREMAN, May 26, 2001.


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    I have been contacted for an estimate to install about 300 face ft of wall stone(manufactured concrete) in a rear yard. The issue I have is one of access problems one side of the house is about 5 ft from the much hated neighbors property ,Thus no access there...the other side an A/C unit blocking the way, I specified in the proposal that moving the A/C unit was the property owners respnsibility, but in retrospect I think maybe I should have handled it for them(subbed out to a qualified contractor of course). I really don't want any scheduling problems as it will all need to be co-ordinated on a tight schedule due to materials delivery. So the question is..what would you have done????
  2. paul

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    If you have a good sub contractor I would do the work and add it to the bill.
  3. greens1

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    I am not certain how it is in your area, but I have had stone and pavers brought in by crane several times when access was a problem.

    Jim L
  4. Stonehenge

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    Sounds like you handled things fine to me. Just call or visit a week or so in advance to verify move. If not moved, call customer to tell them they need to be bumped until the AC is moved.

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    I already thought of the crane concept..only two issues with that. 1st is the large tree in the yard that would be landing pad for any lifted materials and 2nd the need for about about30 yards of other material.
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    Thats the question here. Its easier for you to have the customer take care of it in a sense that you don't have to worry about setting it up and paying a sub, etc. But, what if you have scheduele conflicts, etc, then theres going to be a problem. You can't hold up your delivery truck because the unit is not moved.

    Like Stonehenge said, be sure to check up on them or even conatct the contractor directly and verify date and time for move, and try to get either the homeowner or contractor to give you a call when it is moved so you know its done.

    Good Luck!
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    I had an incident where the only way in to a ladies backyard was through an old railroad bed that another guy owned. I knew the guys son and told my customer that I'd contact him. I called him and asked about access and he at first couldn't place the house then tried to tell me that someone else besides my customer lived there. Then he said he'd look it over and call me back. Never did. Then when I went to his place a week later he goes off on me about everybody driving on his property and dumping garbage and gets really nasty. I tell him when I leave he'll never know I've been there :p When we got done I power raked our tire tracks and threw down some nitrogen, just to make sure that the grass would grow faster than he'd like it to. Moral of this story, if it's access to their property its their responsibility.

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