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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by John_99_2007, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. John_99_2007

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    Looking for advice on dependable accessories to put a rig together.
    Will probably go with a 5.5 or 8 gpm washer from PressureTek.
    I'd describe my plans as light commercial, truck or trailer mounted. So I may not need the heaviest industrial components but need solid commercial parts.
    To start, what do you like for pressure hose reels and garden hose reels (I don't know the correct name, I'm talking about the water source to tank hose)?
  2. Pat Konen

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    Bob at Pressure Tek will be able to answer any questions you have and set you up with good equipment.
  3. Scottwash

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    My self I would go with a 5.6 gmp If you go higher than that your water from the customer might not keep up in your tank. If you are pulling from a well the 8gmp will not keep up. I have seen and ran both. I can run a 5.6 all day long but a 8 well it wears me out.
    5.6 20hp honda. I like 20 it is just a extra hp. get the honda muffler

    If you go into surface cleaning drive thru ect. you must have hot water.

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