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    Okay folks, here's some advise for all of you.......son got married this past Saturday....had folks from out of town come in, some stayed with us in the house, others parked the 5th wheels in my yard and stayed there....anyway I moved all my trailers to one side of the yard, locked the enclosed because of the little,etc.....shed locked, front gate locked so they couldn't run out......the little kids were playing on the open trailer, I have non slip tape on the step points, and it was empty, new floor.....well one little 6 year old goes outside by herself.......pulls the pins out of the gate and tries to climb it....yes it came crashing on her......anyway went to the hospital with her parents...they were wasted, so I drove.....she ended up with just a big bruise on her leg...I called my wife from the hospital and told her to get the biggest lock and lock the gate.....anyway I feel like I should have to pay the hospital bill, they have a huge plumbing company out of town....but no insurance......the family said don't worry about it.....but I'm sure it was the alcohol talking....glad everyone is out of my look for things that you feel no one can mess with and lock it up.....and yes I'm thought I was Mr. Safety!!! :confused:
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    Wow, sorry to hear that. Glad its only a bruise. If the tail gate was anything like mine it probably would have broke an adult's leg had it come all the way down from the closed position. It would be a nice thing to do if you paid the bill, but if they dont mind I wouldnt push it cause we all know how cheap hospital bills are.
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    Yeah you can likely expect something in the vicinity of 1 to 2 thousand dollars, maybe more.

    There is a trick I learned over time:
    WHEN the bill comes, pay like 20 or 30 dollars, you know, what you can afford. NO I am not joking.
    So long your checks CLEAR, everything is fine because they HAVE to give you somewhere around 90 days before they can say you're NOT paying. Since in most cases the check WILL clear (i.e.: the hospital deposits it), I won't go into the situation where it does NOT (i.e.: the hospital demands payment in full) which rarely happens anyhow.
    So you do this for some time, generally around the 6-month mark or thereabouts, you will get a letter which states if you pay the amount due in FULL within 30 days (or so) then they give you like a sizeable discount (in my case I think it was 20 percent, couple hundred dollars anyway). So then take advantage of this and 7 months later you're out from under it AND you got away couple hundred dollars cheaper. Not the best solution but it does save a bit of cash.

    Then again, maybe you can just stroke off a check for $1,700 without blinking, dunno...
  4. MJLsLawnCareNmoreLLC

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    Not a bad idea to save some cash. Seems like a lot of work :p
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    Yeah, if you need to save some cash, Topsites is the guy for tips like that. He'll mix water and vitamin D and end up with skim milk to save a buck. (yeah, I remember that post) JK :D
    Anyway, thanks for the safety tip, that is a good one to keep in mind, especially if there are kids around. Never allow kids to play around any equipment, they can get into anything. I dropped my gate on my foot one day, and it ain't no joke, those things are heavy. Glad it was only a bruise.
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    Your home owners and business insurance should have a Med Pay section that will cover X amount of dollars without question since it happened on your property.
  7. befnme

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    so who was the responsible person watching the children while they(parents)were wasted.that is the person to pay if you dont want to file on homeowners.but if that person dosent want to pay then whoever signed for the child at the hospital will be probably be legaly responsible.but you did more than enough to secure the premesis.
  8. Toy2

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    Called our insurance guy we are on stand by....the Dad was outside checking his messages by cell when it happened....the gate weighs at least 80 pounds or more, it would have killed one of the other little kids for sure, she was lucky she was close to the bottom, so when it hit it was at an angle and it didn't pin her....this girl is missing a gene, she is also missing something upstairs as well....I'm sure the bill is close to a grand.....Oh well, it could have been worse..
  9. ITRY

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    What if your customers used this same method to pay your bill?
  10. MJM

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    Ever wonder why insurance is so expensive?????


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