Accidentaly broke irrigation line during fence demolition

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jameskchandler, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Wet_Boots

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    ^^^ well stated
  2. irritation

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    I would have tried to get reimbursed but not pushed it. It was not your fault. What did it cost you to have it repaired?
  3. jameskchandler

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    I drove to get the needed parts, around ten dollars, and a couple of hours of my labor to repair it myself.

    Thanks everyone for your input, I am very appreciative for all your suggestions and thoughts.
  4. irritation

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    A main break can sometimes lead to more problems if debris entered the line. Be prepared.
  5. AI Inc

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    Correctomundo , as in stuck valves next week.
  6. jvanvliet

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  7. txirrigation

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    Did the home owner make you aware of the private underground conditions? Or, like most, did they assume you have a super power to know their under ground private utilities? No, I do not pay for damage to under ground obstacles that were not clearly marked by the home owner.

    I also have them sign a contract, and an additional statement that they have made us aware of all underground private utilities, and we are not responsible for damage to anything that was not marked to our satisfaction.

    I got tired of paying for repairs to bootleg electrical lines to sheds. The home owner would call me flipping out because my guys just broke his 110v electrical line to his shed.
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  8. Colaguy

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    Well said. Thank you. Most homeowners have no idea where what is underground unless they installed it themselves and even then, they're known to "forget" where it is lol. Its rare that I break or damage a line underground. Guy buys new home, he has no idea where what is but lets hold the landscaper liable? No way Jack.
  9. GreenI.A.

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    We cover ourself with our contract. The clause pretty much states that we will contact DigSafe to mark underground utilities when ever we will be breaking the surface of the ground, except for simple repairs requiring only handheld manual tools. In the event that DigSafe miss marks or fails to mark a utility, or if a line is unknown to utilities/town planning boards, we will not be held responsible for the repair of the utility. That is just a rough idea of it, my attorney wrote it much longer than that though.

    Have I ever hit a missmarked electrical, gas, or water line? Yes. Have I charged? Yes and no. On a large 100k install an electrical line was spilt in two. My electrician replaced the wire at my cost. Another time an electrical line going to the pool was split on a simple irrigation repair digging out a valve box. That time the customer paid for the repair as the repair was nearly as much as my original service call.

    95%+ of the times damage is done we will fix it even if we are not at fault. Like AI said, we will put it on an invoice, but we show the normal price we would charge for the parts and labor. Then on the next line we show a credit for the same value.
  10. Stillwater

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    Dig safe and irrigation lines ? In your dreams...
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