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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by capital, Feb 18, 2001.

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    Goeff, he wasn't supposed to be on the interstate, but he was. I don't know what else he did wrong if anything, or everything. capital hasn't responded back to this thread yet, so I don't know how much of a screw up or not he is. Just thought I'd mention that, otherwise I agree with what you're saying. I guess how much he screws up or not would only lead to his dismissal, I don't think I would charge him the deductible, that is the cost of doing business.
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    "employee book and a memo we issued regarding snow removal state if you are at fault for an accident you are liable for the insurance deductible"

    You never state in your post whether the accident was the employees fault or not only that he was on the I when he wasnt supposed to be.

    What caused the accident?
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    So what difference does it make if he was on the Interstate or not? Other than disobeying your command. And it sounds to me like you're more pissed that he took the highway than you are about the damage. Was there something about being on the highway that caused the accident? Why didn't you want him on the interstate? I tend to think that it's the safest place to be hauling a trailer.
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    Regarding some of the post regarding the insurance deductible. My insurance is the norm. IE my deductibles are not high or low. They are as follows:

    commerical Auto $500.00 (trailer)
    Inland Marine $250.00 (Bobcat)
    Comprehensive $100.00 (light pole)
    Towing charge $371.00 (not covered)

    Some also question why he was told not to be on the interstate, it was rush hour and from where he was coming it was quicker to take a 4 lane road back from the job site, which he was told to take. There were no other vehicles involved and the pavement was wet but not icy. I would agree that the interstate during normal driving conditions is better with a trailer but not during rush hour traffic on the interstate in down town Des Moines.
    I have an email into my attorney regarding the issue if he can be charged the deductible or not, it won't matter any way since after the last snow his truck came back in with two new dents (minor) but no explanation on how they got there. So its time to cut my loss and find out if the Bobcat can be fixed or is a salvage job. Also, my drivers are paid a higher rate than the other companies that I talk to in my area. So pay and responsiblity come hand in hand and a good driver has taken a turn to the worse.
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    Hello Everybody:

    I would think that you would not get much of an employee if you charged him for his mistakes. Doing this will get you below average employees & they can do serious damage to you in a short period of time.

    Most people that fear going into business, is that they will make mistakes & they will have to pay up. Thus keeping a lot from being self employeed.

    I do not see how he can be charged anything & if I ever did charge an employee for a mistake. I the next second would take him off my payroll forever, because they could get real mad at you & cost you far more than that wreck?

    He did do wrong & I would give him the Crappiest job there is & remind him in front of others in a nice way about what he did? It worked for me? I would ask him infront of others, "Hey Johnny, Phil is fixing to go to the School, which way do you think he should go there?" If he smarts off about it in front of you say "Well no driving Johnny I'm going to buy you another shovel for you, because I think if you are here long enough you will wear that one out? Would you please shovel the drive, I can't afford to let you run any Equipment for now? If we quits you are better off & a good example for the others?

    Which would you rather do drive equipment or wear out shovels?

    If the guys did wrong in my Lawn Service Business & messed up, well they be pulling weeds & cleaning up after others trim bushes for a while? That works good & very effective?

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