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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Foster, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. Foster

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    I have been using acclaim extra for several years now, and I can't say I am all that impressed with it's ability to kill crabgrass and sandburrs. Upon reading the label (I swear I have read it 5 times so far), I notice that it doesn't like to be tank mixed with 2,4D. Could this be the reason of my spotty performance? On the label it states that a tankmix with 2,4D may alter performance. Further on, they say to wait 21 days after making a 2,4D app. before applying acclaim xtra. 21 days! Holy cow, theres quite a bit of room bewteen those two statements aren't there?! I decide to nuetralize and clean my spray tank. According to my cleaner, hoses and other rubber parts are where 2,4D likes to accumulate. Anybody care to comment? Have good luck with acclaim xtra and have used 2,4D with it? Regards, Foster
  2. James Cormier

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    Maybe its the method of app, you say tank mix, are you spraying high volume with a chem gun?

    I get great results with Acclaim out of my Pg or hand can, Ive never tank mixed it due to the large droplets from a typcial spray system.

    Ive mixed acclaim with Manage and got great results, but never mixed with a 24d product.
  3. turf78

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    Use Drive Herbicide, you will never use Acclaim again.
  4. osc

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    I use Acclaim extra on a golf course with great results. Crab must be young, less than 3 tillers. DO NOT MIX with anything else. Wait 5-6 days before going down with broadleaf control. Do not use in a hand held sprayer.
  5. rob1325

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    I used acclaim and drive. IMO Drive works better for me.
  6. jajwrigh

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    I have never heard one bad thing about drive!
  7. philk17088

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    I'm curious because I only use hand cans for acclaim and got decent results. I use it at .5 oz per gallon with a drop of s/s in it. Why the no no on hand sprayers?:confused:

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