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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOturkey, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. MOturkey

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    I'm wondering how the majority of you handle things when inclement weather or other factors force you to skip a regular mowing, or dry conditions slow the grass down.

    As a solo operator, and working part time at it, I generally end up just rotating the account to the next available time slot. In other words, if I have say 3 yards which I normally do on Thursday afternoon, and it rains Thursday and Friday, and I don't get them done until Saturday, I would normally just leave them on the Saturday schedule. I realize that I will potentially lose a few cuttings each year by doing this, but don't know how to handle things any differently.

    One day would not be a big factor, but for example, when we were having all the rain we were earlier this season, I got as much as 3 or 4 days behind with some accounts. I just can't see how I could mow somewhere 3 days late, then go back again in 4 days and mow again, and going 11 days, in peak growing season is obviously not an option. During slow growth periods, the same factors apply in reverse, as some accounts might really need to be mowed in say 10 days, rather than 7 or 14.

    If the delay is due to a factor with the customer, then it would be different, but when it is weather related, or a problem on my end, then simply rotating the accounts forward seems to be the best solution, but I can also see how this might be difficult, or impossible for those of you who have multiple crews, or fully booked schedules, and was wanting to know if there is a "better" way to handle this than my method? Thanks in advance for the input. Neill
  2. Siesta Key Lawn Service

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    I am also a solo operator.We have been blessed with a very rainy summer. We have received 11 inches in September. All of my lawns are weekly, if i get a day or 2 behind, i mow them asap.Even though i may have been mowing a particular lawn on a Tuesday,I usually try to keep it on the same day even with the delay.I rarely fall more than 2 days behind because of rain.If I have to mow the same lawn in 4 or 5 days, i usually mow it. If its raining that much, the yard probably needs to be mowed in another 4 or 5 days.
  3. All_Toro_4ME

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    Believe Siesta Key Lawn Service when he says that we have had an unbelievable amount of rain this year. I can understand the "getting behind schedule" as I am solo as well. When it was really really bad back in May and June, I used my homeowner mowers to get the jobs done. This kept the equipment out of the rain. I bought them years ago and they have one purpose, to come into play when I dont want to bring the comm. stuff out if it looks like its going to storm and rain that day. Now of course I didn't mow in the pouring down rain with lightning and thunder, I would never do that, but if it was spotty throughout the day, off and on rain then I would try to hit some accounts between the storms. When it was really bad, I would move my tuesday lawns over to wed and so on and so forth. Some days I would have 3 days backlogged into one just because of non-stop continuous rain and flooding. Its been a tricky year for Oklahoma.
  4. Siesta Key Lawn Service

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    Amen,brother,it has been tricky.Been dodging raindrops all year,but I never complain about the rain.
  5. gene gls

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    Your on the right track, not much you can do about mother nature. I never promise anyone to mow on a given day each week. Your biggest problem will be taking on too many accounts.
  6. privatelawn

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    I try to get them back on schedule, if I cut them on wednesday and it should be monday then if possible I will cut them on monday otherwise id do it on tuesday for the next week and monday 2 weeks after that so that there getting a cut every 6 days, now if im behind alot like 3 days then I try to cut them every 8th or 9th day until there back on schedule. This month has rained alot here, schedule is a mess,monday customers are getting cut on friday :confused:
  7. supercuts

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    we skip themright back to their schedualed day. if its a mon lawn and it gets down wed, the next week we're back on monday. we run a full schedual and our customers have come to learn their day and expect it, whether permitting.doing what your doing you will skip many lawns a month, you add up how much in $ you have skipped and alot, in perspective to how many lawns you have. however, if you are short for time and you customers dont care, that may work for you
  8. Daddy Joes Lawn Service

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    We mow Tuesday through Friday every customer has there day when there lawn service will be done. If it rains on Tuesday we cut them on Wednesday with the Wednesday customers. Then we go back to the regular day for the lawn service.:waving:
  9. gene gls

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    How do you do two days of mowing in one day????
  10. topsites

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    I suggest doing what works best for you, then do the best you can, that's what I do.

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