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    A question for a few of you established guys.... When you first started were you just an under the table opperation? Did you have guys working for you strait off or take it all on yourself to generate better revenue? and finally my most important question do you guys do the paper work and file your taxes (quarterly as it seems is most popular) yourselves or have an accountant do it for you, what best? easist? if you do it your self where did you learn how? If you have an accountant what exactly do they take care of and how would one go about getting one?

    im 17 starting in this business and looking to make it pretty well I mow six accounts 4 are 6+ million dollar estates that want me to act more as a grounds keeper, landscaper, every thing man and have started to bring in a few guys to help me out. More and more calls every week. I want to be able to accomodate these folks and my wallet needs a good fill.
    I have very little to start with car, trailer, push mower, blower and edger.
    any suggestions I would love to hear?
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    i dont know about all states but in florida if you are from florida at least 3 generations you have what they call cracker rights, no taxes what so ever and you get a rebate from the filling stations etc etc i could go on peace.

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