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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by bubble boy, Dec 13, 2002.

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    do you use both?

    we are a corporation so i am required to have an accountant. but i do 99% of the bookeeping...aside from some yr end adjustments. took many courses before being an lco in university, which is the only reason i know how. not sure i could have done it without that.

    even with available software, seems like a big challenge. i guess some can wing it, and let the accountant clean it up? or have a bookeeper come in once a month? just curious, it seems there are often questions asked on LS that indicate people are doing books with not much prior knowledge of debits and credits. nevermind reconcilliation, interest expense, etc.
  2. my sis in law is our bookeeper, cpa she's the works and a very very important part of our business.
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    I'm younger brother is a CPA (and does our quarterlies) and my older sister is a lawyer (and former judge). Now...if there was just one more sibling that was a doctor or a dentist...j/k.

    Seriously though, I personally do the daily QB's input. I want to see the daily and weekly numbers. So I guess I am the part time bookkeeper and let my bro clean up any mess make.

    And if I get into trouble, I call my sis.
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    Or you can do as i did 33 years ago marry a CPA
  5. j&r

    Cant beat the rates she charges to right;)
  6. J&R

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    What i can say about her is by the Grace of GOD she is still here with me. 3 years ago overian cancer. today no sign of cancer. Amen

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