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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Mrplowcjc, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Mrplowcjc

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    Trying to get a feel for what other guys are paying for accounting fees. I have and accountant file my taxes for me. He does my s corp taxes and my personal taxes, state and federal. I am a one man band for the most part with 2 part timers and every body is paid through a payroll company that is seperate from my accountant. Last year I paid $2700 + I'm thinking that I am paying to much.
  2. xclusive

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    Yes I think that is a little high. I think mine cost like $800 last year and my buddy paid around $1200 give or take a little.
  3. djagusch

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    Seems high also. I pay less than that for all my payroll expenses, qb review/help, and taxes.
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  4. jdutcher003

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    Is the accountant keeping track of your records for you for the year as well? I would hope so with a price like that
  5. Roger

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    The OP suggests that the $2,700 is ONLY for tax preparation. Is that right?

    If so, I think it is way too much. But, what are you giving him/her? Do you have complete QuickBook reports (or similar) for all income (itemized), and a complete breakdown of expenses? Or, are you giving him/her a shoebox with piece of paper?
  6. Mrplowcjc

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    I have all of the paperwork done in statements through quickbooks. I didn't know if the s corp made for a lot of extra work. I have been with this same accountant for twenty years and in the last 5 years it seems as his rates have more than doubled. I hate to change but it sounds as if I'm really being thrown under the bus.
  7. Roger

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    "... statements ..." or reports? QuickBook statements are documents sent to customers.

    TJLANDS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I am in Central NJ also and my accountant Charged us the same last year,
    We give them all of our records in QB at the end of the year and they
    do our returns only.
    Everything else is done in office
  9. turf hokie

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    You guys need new accountants.

    Mine comes to my office and does my 2 business and personal for around 1500.

    Perhaps I get a better price because it is a 3 for 1...but not 50%

    IN EDIT: he also comes to me for my quarterly sales tax that we have to report to multiple states with 2 companies. So maybe that factors the price to? I am a regular customer and not just a once a year visit? But even still I pay him less for the whole year than some of you guys pay for just the year end., 16 sales tax returns, 2 year ends and a personal....

    Good luck.
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  10. mkarps

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    I paid $84 for turbotax.:cry:

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