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    SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hey Guys, Just Getting Started In The Business And Want To Find An Easy Way To Keep My Books For Tax And Credit Reasons. What Does Everyone Use And What Are The Pros And Cons That You Have Found Associated With Them. I Am Looking At Microsoft Business Accounting Suite Or Quick Books Pro. Thanks.
  2. out4now

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    Quick Books Pro quite common. Quasar had a Windows edition was free, I know they still have it for Linux. Not fancy but if you want to save some $.
  3. grassmanak

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    quick books is what i bought
  4. cwlawley

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    I have used Quickbooks Pro 2005 and Quicken Home and Business 2005. Since we are getting started as well the Quicken Program works best for me since there isn't much to it and I picked it up at SAMS Club for under $75.
  5. Roger

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    I've used an older version of Quicken for several years, plus my own home-grown software for invoice preparation. In late December, I bought QuickBooks Pro, and a laser printer for printing invoices.

    I have spent many, many hours in January trying to get QB Pro set up properly, all without success. I simply do not understand how to set up all the accounts, items, pass-through costs, sales tax, etc properly. I think I will eat the cost of QB Pro and the printer, and return to my former method. QB has so much functionality beyond the simple needs of my solo operation. I do believe that if it is set up properly, daily use and monthly invoice preparation is very simple, but the setup procedure is non-trivial (in my experience). I had posted a question in Business Section a few weeks ago, "... did you set it up and are now using, or did somebody else set it up and you are now using?" Responses were spotty, but nobody offered the idea, "... easy to set up." I've talked with several friends (not LCOs) who daily use QB and they too speak about "easy to use." But, none of them did the setup, and were of no help to me with my questions.

    If you get QB Pro, you may need to add the cost of some consulting hours from a CPA firm, or others, added books, course at the local community college, or ??? to get you started. Notice, I said "may." QB looks to be a great program and its widespread use speaks to that observation.
  6. 65hoss

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    I use Quickbooks Pro. Easy to use and able to grow with your business.
  7. marionlandscape

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    I would suggest groundskeeper pro then when you get bigger use quickbooks and keep groundskeeper pro for routing
  8. JB1

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    I use quick books pro and like it a lot,have used it for several years and always learning new things with it, I mean it does so much. you don't learn it over night. Get with a CPA or theres are classes out there on the program take one. You get it set up right and for payroll and taxes it works great. My accountant gave me a copy of peachtree several years ago and I was totally lost. Quick books takes some time to learn but when you get it you'll like it.
  9. out4now

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    I'd say QB doesn't take long to learn. This is a good book, its from a college course based on it. Its called get smart with Quickbooks 2005 and the publisher is very complete. I don't hink they have an updated version of the book yet. I'd try looking for a used student copy first on, or b and n. There are companies that make addon modules for QB but al lthat I have found are very expensive and geared at large businesses. If you have time and are somewhat computer literate you can always set up spreedsheets as well to do it.

    SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks Guys For The Input. I Downloaded A Trail Copy Of "gopher" Off Of A Website I Found In This Site. It Looks Very Simple And Not Technical, But Also Looks Fairly Complete. Has Anyone Used It Or Have Any Feedback. Thanks

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