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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by northeast, Jun 26, 2000.

  1. northeast

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    My girlfriend and I have a lawncare business<br>that we started in April,we have a new Exmark lazer hp with ulta vac system,and two toro personal pace trim mowers.we currently have 30 good accounts,what is possible for a two people to do in a week?we would like 50 accounts,does this seem high for two people?<br> how many lawns per week are you all averaging per week with two people working??<br> not trying to be nosey,just need to know if our goal is attainable. thanks for any help.<br> Nick
  2. greenlawncare

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    Depends on the size of your lawns and what you are doing. Mow & Go - probably 80 - 100 4000footers. Full service - 40 to 50 7000footers.
  3. BRL

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    The key is to get those accounts as close as possible to cut down on lost time travelling. I know a guy who mows 13 - 15 big & small a day and he is by himself 90% of the time. Me and my one guy can get 15 or so a day with a couple of 40,000 - 60,000 SF commercial properties mixed in. Multiply that times 5 days if you're just mowing and you can get a lot done. Good luck!
  4. Acute Cut

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    i mow like 80 or so lawns a week with two ppl. I could probably push it up to 100 if i was so inclined. The hard part is fitting it into the &quot;areas per day&quot; schedule i have. Our are is somewhat spread out. The main town and a few sub towns. Last year i was driving like 200-250 miles a day. OUCH! I am not even remotely close to that these days. I divided all my lawn care jobs into areas. Now i have cut down on drive time tremendously. I would say that you should place all your customers into days via where they live. it will save time and money. By doing that you can take on more jobs. I remember when 12 lawns was horrendous 12 hour day for me. Now i do 20 in 10 hours or less. (Upgrading from ariens 21&quot; (2X) to a 52&quot; hp Exmark and a 36&quot; hp exmark may have something to do with that as well.)
  5. Richard Martin

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    Like everybody else is saying, it depends on the size of the lawns, routing, conditions of the grass (is it wet?) etc. I cut, trim, edge and blow 30 lawns a week by myself. The sizes vary greatly from 1/16th acre to almost 2 acres. Right now I am averaging about 8 hours a day. If I added a helper I should be able to do 45 lawns a week.
  6. Lazer

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    My 1 man crew does 52 by himself, including a school w/ soccer field, etc and also a 3 hour hotel complex. Most of the others are small commercial & mid-size residentials.<p>I did have a guy who worked for me and bought out another lawn business, he did 110 lawns/week by himself, maybe 7-8,000 sq. average.
  7. southside

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    Lazer,<br> Sounds like he was a good worker.<br>Thats moving! Shame he is now your competition.<p>Karl<br>
  8. HOMER

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    You guys must have some small yards!<p>Homer
  9. TGCummings

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    I do about 70 lawns/week by myself, with a 21&quot; Toro Proline. My lawns vary from teeny weeny to fairly big. I don't have any of those big industrial corner lots that chew up a half day (yet!), but I also rarely take a lunch break. ;)<p>I'm easing my new 36&quot; Exmark into the field this week, and it promises to save me enough time to fit more jobs in every week (whether that be 20-25 new lawns or simply additional services for my longtime customers). <p>On the other hand, I've been eyeing all those commercial lots around town that don't seem to be getting enough attention, so one never knows ... ;)<p>-TGC
  10. Lazer

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    Karl,<br>He sold out since and it took 2 guys to do that work now. I'd say a 2 person crew around here averages 100 lawns/week, 8-9,000 sq. ft. average.<p>Homer,<br>I think it's somewhat relative as to the lawn size. Obviously, you couldn't cut that many if they were all 2 acres each.<br>I'm always amazed when I visit my cousins in Phoenix at the 500-1500 sq. ft. front lawns and no back lawns in that area. I wonder how many of those you could cut with your 72?

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