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accounts per week,mowed


LawnSite Senior Member
I have 2 guys doing 65 lawns / wk. kind of spread out, but all within 10 miles and divided by area. They could probably do another 15-20 if in the right areas. There is a company here with about 1,000+ lawns, with 6- 2 man crews doing about 100-120 a week apiece. They use only Toro 21" mowers on all of them, the owner won't even think about bigger mowers, likes the lines the small ones make. I don't know how he pays those guys but he'd have to pay me a fortune to push myself that hard for him! A friend of mines wife's brother is his right hand man, i told him to ask how they pay, i'll let you'all know when i find out.


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I mow seventy lawns a week myself, my girlfriend helps about 20 hrs. I put in around 50 hrs. a week or so an average day is around 15 yards. I edge, trim, and blow off evey yard. I mow with a brand new 48&quot; exmark metro (LOVE IT) as well a an old POS scag for the days I have my girlfriend helping. Just thought I would give you some numbers to help you out. <p>PS most of my lawns are average size With a couple of small and big ones mixed in.


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Beaverton, OR
Our 2 man crews do about 20 per day, or 10 per week. I agree with most of the people above. It all depends on lot sizes. In our area they are an average of 2000-4000 sq. ft. each house. When I push them, two guys can do 25 per day, but you can't give them that kind of workload for very long. We work 10-12 hour days almost every day this time of year. <p>The most imortant thing is to schedule lawn mowing jobs each day as close to one another as possible. The bigger you get the easier this is to do. We have some days where we mow 25 lawns all within less than a mile of each other. Drive time is like 30 seconds between each house. That's your goal. <p>----------<br>Jim Lewis - Lewis Landscape Services<br>http://www.lewislandscape.com


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N.E. Wisconsin
There are so many veriables to your question that it is hard to give a good answer. Some of my smaller lawns are harder to cut than the big ones because of trees, pools, fences ect. Some of my larger lawns are on a river with a nice hill sloping down. It also depends on the condition of the lawns, fertilized or not , bagging or not, all figure in. You should also consider rain days and pad for this. Only you can get a feel for how much you can do. Good luck.