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    Here is a question, i currently have one account from last season that i know about, this is my first serious year of mowing, and i want to get as many accounts as possible what do you think is realistic, 10,20,30,40,50? I live in northern Indianapolis area and there are plenty of housing subdivisions and alot of money in the are i am in. I need to make between 500 to 1000 a week in order to make it, my fiance also works and i need to prover to her that i can do this. So what is realistic and what is the best approach to aquire these customers, I know in time i will aquire the through word of mouth, but i will take anything right now. Please any advice will help.

    Green Envy Lawn Care
    2001 Ford F150
    32" Great Dane WB
    21" push mower
    cub cadet trimmer
    ryobi blower
  2. How many accounts did you have last year?

    Are you doing just mowing?
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    i just started to put out door hangers and flyers this past week
    in the area that i want to work in
    on saturday my wife took phone calls for estements
    i have about 20 to do
    just remeber advertizing is key
    you need to to do more then lawn mowing
    i do spring and fall clean ups
    sprinkler repairs ,startup and blow outs
    for my customers
    send a news letter out to your customers from last year
    and tell them what your goals are
    and give some info on spring cleaning
    and power raking and areation
    ask them if they would like any of these services
    or just lawn mowing
    and to call you to set your dates
    i have al my customers from last year
    and they want all my servies that i offred
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    It is very difficult to answer because it is such a general question.

    For us, two people, two 48" WB's hydro's w/sulky's. We can have a ~3/4 acre lot done in about 40 minutes. This is total property size, not mowable size. Mow, line trim, and blow walk/driveways. Assume One's cutting the whole time and the other is cutting about 20 minutes then trimming and blowing off the walks. Hope this can help some.
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    I do plan on doing other things other than mowing, all except for Landscaping and fertilizing, what i really want to know is how i can get the most accounts possible.
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    You'll get different ideas and opinions on this, but my preferred method is flyers/door hangers.
    The reasons:

    1. Cheapest way. Phone book and newspaper ads are VERY expensive in my area (not true for everyone, depends on your location).

    2. I can TARGET specific neighborhoods. This is probably the most important for me. For a mowing route, this is particularly important! Ads in the paper get me calls, but they are from all over. I want to pick and choose the areas I mow and keep everything as close together as possible. Flyers allow you to do this.

    3. A flyer/door hanger can hold a lot of info. When I do put ads in the newspaper, it's only 5-6 lines since that's all I can afford at a time.
    But I can list all my services plus other information on a flyer.

    Now, if you want more info on flyers, how to design them, how to distribute them, response rate, etc. I'd suggest a search. Way too much info to go into here. And plenty to read once you search.

    Good luck.
  7. TOUHEY33 said" I only have one account from last season that I know about

    So, have you sent last years clients a letter asking for their business yet?

    Again, how many mowing clients did you have last year?

    From your post, I assume your only did mowing last year, if not, list services performed!

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