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Accurate routine when estimating?


LawnSite Member
Waltham, MA
I'm trying to come up with an accurate routine when estimating for a lawn. Do you have a standard checklist that you use when checking out a property for the first time? Thanks for the help. :waving:


LawnSite Fanatic
omg i could write for hours about this subject...

Basically, after you get skru'd enough times and after you've walked off a few jobs because it was just TOO much, soon you will not be afraid of giving OR receiving a NO answer. Until then, rely on this forum for support and ask questions and read a lot for advice as this will help keep things from getting TOO bad, but today I honestly do not believe anything I tell you will keep you from making the mistakes or more appropriately, ppls taking advantage of this.

About the only thing that burns me is that business owners are TWICE as likely to skru you over as compared to the non-business owner, so watch out in the beginning for ppls who 'run their own business' otherwise soon you will see it appears EVERYBODY runs their own, it's unreal.