accused of scratching a car

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    K.. so far whats going on... nothing.. lol The owner of the rental home and hotel says to wait to make anymore contact with the guys until he figures it out..

    He has faith in my services.. His hotel parking lot is gravel.. Ive not hit one car there or damaged anything and he is very pleased with our service.

    He says this guy that lives there isn't on the lease, Im not sure if hes going to ask him to start paying now and to include the previous months rent..

    So until I hear back Im not making contact.

    Trying to catch up from the previous posts...

    Grass on one side.. on the other is a Very small strip about 2' x 15' between the paved driveway and garage. (Grass. No dirt or stones) I think that's how this thing started. I trimmed there. Wet grass.. Dry car.. Stuck before we got the blower going... That caused him to inspect his dirty car for more damage.. And yes, I only used enough rpms to cut the grass.. about 1/2 to 3/4... I trimmed it high.. so it matched the lawn that was cut at 3"...

    then he must have Walked around to the drivers side, noticed a new scratch.. Said I did that and some new chips on the other side.. He says he has chips.. But I made new ones..

    I couldn't have scratched his drivers side.. 1100 lb mower... Tires and deck hang out way past my body.. Three passes discharging away from his car. Guards down. 54" deck... that gives me almost 13 feet to discharge.. Its nice grass... No stones or dirt.. Ive never come close to hitting the vehicles there with my discharge..

    With that analogy, Im denying his claim to me damaging his car in any way. The scratch was there, so were the newer chips.

    I mow there Friday... See what happens.. I hope this guy is there... I'll be taking my camera and tape measure for sure. The driveway always has at least 4 or 5 cars in it... I cut the same way every week... His car was the only one damaged...

    Ive not called my insurance guy, nor at this point to I plan on it.

    Thanks for all your comments and suggestions...

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    grass doesn't make scratches. case closed. move along.
  3. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Fox Hill...

    For one thing, DO NOT interact with that liar anymore. By himming and hawing with him, you are just adding fuel to the fire, and he really thinks he is going to get a paint job out of you. Stop interacting with him.

    Just move on.
  4. weeze

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    i wouldn't even go back. a paint job is expensive. more than you will make off of that job probably for the rest of the year. drop the account and move on if you have to.
  5. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    This, the more I think about it.

    Your problems will then disappear.
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    The more I read this nightmare unfolding, the more it reminds me of buyers filing cases on ebay...

    It is rather interesting, there exist a number of options when a case is opened.
    Taking the correct option is more than anything the crux of the matter.
    Picking the right choice in the dispute makes all the difference in the world.
    It was then I realized something, as I won cases where I was wrong and lost cases where I was right the scenarios opened my eyes to a whole new world.
    It was then I realized that in my business, it was no longer a matter of my being right and wrong.
    It is apparently a matter of making the correct decision, right or wrong has little to do with it.
    Taking that turn, one way I win, the other I lose.
    Isn't that something...

    Not sure what I would do with this individual in this thread, thou I know what I want to do.
    Going that route would lose me the case, thou I would feel like I was in the right.
    Isn't that something...

    And that is why I would have already called the insurance company and let them deal with it.
    They can raise my rates, they won't be seeing my renewal check.
    I'd lose the hotel account at that point, but I'd have finished out the contract by then.
    May not be the right way, but that's how I'd handle it.
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    Finally got the pics from this guy. Damage on all sides of his car. Different sized scratches. A group of dime sized dents in the middle of his passenger side door. He even said I caused more door dings. Honest to god. He sent me pictures of his door edges
    At that point I called the chief of police in that town and told him all about it. I told him this guy was harassing me about it. He said he'd help me if the guy did make a report. I also let the cop know when this was supposed to of happened, and hes made several trips to buffalo since.

    He said not to worry. They guy never made a report and he will let me know if he does. The damage on the car is nothing I did. When I told the vehicle owner Im not responsible he didnt seem upset at all. He just wanted a paint job. I told him to go thru the property owner if he needed anything else. I was done with the discussion.

    Hell one scratch actually had grass clippings on top of it. The scratch was about 7 inches long. Deep too. Just above a huge old dent.

    The property owner is happy with my decision and is standing behind me 100%

    As far as dropping him, the guy is super nice. Is always saying his property has never looked better and was always standing behind me thru this.

    Thanks for the different opinions and advice. Feel better now its over. (I hope) lol.

    This was a tiny prob in some of your eyes im sure. But being new, it really pissed me off and had me worried. Next time I will handle it better im sure. Live and learn. =)

    Stay hydrated!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It's probably not over just yet but I'm pretty sure once the guy finds out that the police has got involved you won't be hearing from him no more, I believe you made the right choice, it never crossed my mind to call the police because around my necks they never done diddly for me but I think that was a good move and from what you're saying I think things are headed in the right direction, good luck and I'm glad you didn't have to drop a customer, too.

    Oh, he just wanted a paint job, why he didn't say that from jump street!?
    That would have been no problem, I simply would have told my kids there would be no supper tonight or any night for a week because some guy down at the motel wanted a new paint job for his car and that it would be on our dime so we all have to go to bed without eating for a week, gosh some people are so cross-minded when it comes to simple decisions, should have just told us he was trying to scam us out of our hard earned cash, I would have been more than happy to oblige.
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