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Don't know haw much to charge a Home Owners Assoc. for spraying Acephate to kill the lace bugs. Used six gallons, took about an hour and forty-five minutes. Not to mention the thirty five minute trip to pick up the chemicals. Yes I am certified, just so you know. Thanks again.
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This is a thread I would like to partiipate in. Although I started out doing mainly turf work, many customers and big green do shrub work as well, so I have had to bid on shrub pricing for disease and insect control to get customers.

How many shrubs, how big and what type were they? I have been pricing based on those things so far, but I don't know if I am way out of line or way in line? What did you treat with (type of sprayer?)

I was treating azaleas. I just used a two gallon hand sprayer so that i could get both the top and bottom easily. I can't remember the exact number of azaleas, but i think it was close to high 20's. fairly new shrubs only a little larger than three gallon size. Some were older and a bit larger.
See, this goes back to exactly what I was having my own trouble with. I would treat 30 small azaleas for 30 per application and it would take me less than 30, and cost about 2.00 in chemical. You only have to mist the top and bottom of the leaves, and using a systemic, that covers you as well, you will have to retreat of course in a month.

So, that's how I would price it, but I think I may be way off here. Hope it helps, and I hope someone else replies.

Thanks, glad to know someone else is in the same boat. I had thought about pricing it as follows. Chemical cost was minimal, call it five bucks. But I did have to make trip to identify pest, make trip to get chemical, and make trip to apply. So I'm gonna charge $25 just for the stops. (Won't put that breakdown in the invoice though) Then $35 per hour X 1.5 hours =52.5.

So final total is 52.5 + 25 + 5 = $82.5

If they need to be sprayed again then I won't add the $25

Is this out of line? I hope not, but the way I look at it is that I had to take and pass my pesticide tests, and it is still cheaper then having to replace the azaleas. Hope they understand why they have me doing the work and don't mind paying for it.
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