ACH payments


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Many threads have covered payment choices, most of them devoted to credit card transactions. A few posts over the past years have mentioned ACH payments.

Despite ACH payments being mentioned, I don't think anybody has spoken in detail how to implement. I know utilities, government agencies, and other large companies are set up to do ACH payments. Maybe there is a thresh hold of transactions, dollar volume, or ??? needed to be considered. Some of my customers have inquired, and have been told "can't be done."

For those doing ACH payments, are you employing a service that is able to handle the transaction? Or, are you working with a large bank that is able to handle the transaction? Or, are you a large business that warrants support for these transactions?

Can anybody shed any light, somebody with experiences and having gone through the implementation? Or, can anybody put me in touch with somebody who does know how to make it work for a small business?



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Talk to the treasury management department at your bank. Any bank can set this up, I use a local community bank and they offer the service.


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My accountant is trying to get me started using's doesn't charge a percent and takes it right from the account of the client. I use quickbooks also which integrates it..they make it sounds easy. lol


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I'm guessing ACH isn't used much ... sorry, I didn't get more responses.

bcg, ... I took your comments to my bank. I explained my wishes. They know my business pretty well, so they were able to understand my question. My bank is a community bank, but many branches. It was not a request that had come to them before.

However, they did have somebody at headquarters who put together a proposal for me. I stopped and discussed it with them today.

Bottom line: Expensive.

Some costs: $50 set up fee, $125 training and web site setup fee.
$25.00/month minimum, with $0.25/transaction (they want a 100 transactions per month, hence the 100X0.25)

For my operation, this does not work. It sounds like an ideal for somebody taking 100, 200 checks per month. But, I don't have nearly that many.

As a side note, I have bank accounts two places, one primary, another secondary. The secondary one, a much larger bank, had a had time even understanding the idea of ACH. They took the information a couple of days ago, and never responded further. Poor customer service -- if "no," just tell me. This should not be a difficult question to answer.