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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by keuka, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. keuka

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    I'm loaded with acorns in my lawns this year. Blowing and pick up takes too long and I'm looking for options. I own a Stihl Combi Unit with several attachments and I'm considering buying a Power Sweep attachment to try on acorn removal in green lawn areas. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this and would care to comment before I lay out $300 for the attachment. My concerns are: will it work faster than blowing/pick up and is it too aggressive and results in ripping up the lawns.
    It's a bumper year for acorns in our area. The weight of my mowers pushes the acorns into the turf and ends up resulting in acid buildup that kills the grass in the spring. I've yet to find a reasonable solution. Mother nature seems to have designed the acorn with the ability to burry itself into the turf and removal becomes a real pain.
  2. rlitman

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    It's called a "mast year". Oak trees will produce a lot more acorns every 4-6 years, and often the local oaks will all be in sync, so you get inundated with acorns every so often. But not all oak types do this in the same years, and scientists still haven't figured out how they sync up.

    As for the power sweep, I can't say I've tried it on acorns myself. I know that people use them to remove gravel from roadside turf, so I don't see how it would be too aggressive.
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  3. zlandman

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    I had a "mast year" last year. The stihl mm55 with rubber paddles works well in thinner grass at least. Lots of scoop shoveling.
    There is a rolling cage with handle that picks them up too. Different sizes for nuts acorns, etc.
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  4. Burnie

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    Had the same problem last year, here is my thread, ended up getting a couple of guys to rake them up, was a TON of acorns, also they don't burn well, ended up having someone else bag them for trash pickup, just got rid of the last of them this week, hope this year is not as bad. :(
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  5. Mumblingboutmowers

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    I've never used my power broom on acorns, but it throws #1 and #2 limestone chips well. If you get one you will want the paddle broom and not the bristle broom. As long as the ground is somewhat dry it shouldn't tear much up. A power broom will dig in when the ground is wet and uneven. They are more work to operate than what they look, so keep that in mind. I wouldn't want to run one all day. Still much better than raking though.
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  6. zlandman

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    I cant imagine how guys use the power brooms on kombi heads. I use two handles on the mm55 pulling it back to me to keep it under control. Still lot of work.
  7. rlitman

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    As pointed out above, the paddles are what you want on turf. I use the bristles on pavement. Yeah, it's a workout, but it sure beats sweeping by hand.
  8. MowDaddy

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    I've used rubber paddles on acorns works good.
    But best thing is squirrels and deer.
    If you leave them alone and don't pack them into turf. They just disappear.
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  9. Mudly

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    Stab a nut isn’t a thing anymore?
  10. scagman52

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    How about a pull behind lawn sweeper?
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