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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by keuka, Sep 19, 2019.

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    The squirrels here bury most of them and return later to dig them up again.
    Unfortunately, they don't neatly fill in the hole again when they're done. :hammerhead:
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    We had so many last year the squirrels started tightly wrapping them in cellophane and brown paper and trafficking them North to the border.
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  3. KerbDMK

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    If only that were true.
  4. OP

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    Thanks for the replies. I talked with the Stihl dealer I bought the Kombi unit from, I can rent a rubber paddle head broom and try it out before I buy one. That's probably the route I go.
    Someone mentioned a pull behind sweeper and I thought of that but if you run equipment over the nuts with a pull behind, the tires on the mower bury the nuts they run over and the sweeper won't get those. On my mower the tires probably cover 50% of what the sweeper will cover.
    I've been mowing out to the drip edge of the oaks, Red Oaks @ 36 inch diameter, with my self propelled walk behind Honda using the bagger and mowing at 2 inches. Then blowing the nuts into piles and picking them up with a snow shovel. It works but in heavy mast years it takes hours each time and needs to be done several times throughout the fall. If I leave them they sour the lawn and kill the grass. The squirrels and deer get some of the nuts but in a heavy mast year like this the nuts are too plentiful and the caps are left behind anyway.
  5. rlitman

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    Well, if you do rent it and like it, you've got several years before you have to go back and buy one. By then, who knows what machine you'll be using. Maybe we'll all be driving Jetson's cars.
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