acorns what to do


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cape cod ,ma
hay guys
here the deal ,when doing my cleanups the blowers don't
move acorns, how do you pick then up?????
there:confused: :confused: :confused
thanks: fraz

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Acorns, sweet gumballs, even the big PITA hickory nuts are no match for my eb7000. It makes piles then wheelbarrow,or tarp to get rid of them.


BR400 to gather the light, loose ones. Sthil power broom to move the heavy piles. Snow scoop to load them into the truck.


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Southfield, MI
Let them disintegrate, they'll be gone in a few weeks. One of my lawns has an area that is covered in acorns every year, it's the strongest healthiest part of the yard.


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I would lower my height a little say around 2" and mulch them up. Like above we have some nut trees that are a pain after they drop. Most people are not willing to pay for comlete pick up so we just mulch the heck out of them. You will notice a few little pieces but for the most part they break down very good.
All I can say is NUTS drives you Nuts.

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