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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Novaowner, Nov 13, 2006.

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    What do you all do to try and acquire new commercial contracts? I mean do you just walk into a business and start from there? Is there a certain time most business's renew their contracts? As you all know I'll be starting this coming spring and am trying to get ready now. Thanks.
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    Most are acquired at the end of fall or very early in the spring. Yes to your question you can just walk in or call and ask who is in charge of the grounds maintence decisions,ask them when they are considering bids or if they are taking new ones for the up coming season. Remember that grass is grass commercial or residential it all needs mowed.

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    go to a house and knock on the door, the person that answers, if he is not 3 feet tall:laugh: , probably owns the house and the grass.
    The big diff. in commercial is that you need to find out who owns the grass or who makes the decision about it. Walk in the front door and you will talk to a receptionist that has no idea about the grass. Maybe nobody in the building knows. The building may be owned by an investor, or many, that have nothing to do with cutting the grass.
    Find out if the property is managed by a facilities management company, or property management company, or find the owner if self managed, and that may have nothing to do with who the tenant is. sometimes the tenant does the maintenance and now you are closer to the decision maker.
    The biggest difference is who to talk to. other than that grass is grass.
    but as the size of the property increases you may see a lower per dollar bid point as economy of scale comes into play and you get more production out of a truck or crew, for the day. less windshield time.
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    Thanks again!

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