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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bulhead19, May 11, 2011.

  1. bulhead19

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    I have to give an estimate and its a farm that the owner thinks is an acre or 2. I have never mowed something that large before so I don't really know what its worth. Ill be mowing it with a Ferrris 48 hydro wb. Around here fuel is 4 bucks a gallon and this farm is about 40 minutes from my driveway. 40 min is a long travel time but if this turns out to be 2 acres isn't it worth it? I was thinking a solid 100 or 120 each cut. I haven't seen it yet but this is what I'm assuming. What are your thoughts and experiences? Thanks
  2. sehitchman

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    Do you have any other work on the way to this job? I don't see how you would be making any money with nearly 4 hours and expenses to do this job, unless it results in more work near by.
  3. bulhead19

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    i have some accounts along the way so its not out too far out of my way. my closest account is about 12- 15 minutes away so it would make it worth the trip. I just need a ball park number to throw at this guy.
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    First, you need to find out how big the property is. If you have his address, zillow should get you pretty close.

    Then, determine how long it will take you to cut that property size.

    Multiply your hourly rate by how long you think it will take you to cut then add some $$$ for fuel, travel etc.....and you have your number.
  5. sehitchman

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    Around here, if it is wide open and minimal trimming, $50 per acre would be the rate. If it is a well cared for homestead with landscaping and trimming, up to $75 per acre. I'd have to take a look at it, see how much fence and ditch work along with elevation. There is a big difference between one and two acres. I've got one big 1.3 acre yard, the thing is so rough in the huge back yard that I can hardly stay on the step saver unless mowing at about half speed. That speed reduction cuts the profit big time, Takes me 1.5 hours mow, trim, edge and blow for $75 and I'd give it up in a heartbeat. Check it out and don't cheat yourself or thrash your equipment unless it is making you some money. On the big farm yards (hobby farms) there are guys with tractors and finish mowers who will to two acres for $60 near me. i never even get close with my quotes.
  6. Dr.NewEarth

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    He's a farmer and he doesn't know if he has one acre or two?

    Better bid on two acres for sure. Do you know some-one with an acre that you can
    compare the properties size to in your head maybe?

    I think you need at least 100 an hour. IMO

    Don't forget that after you leave the job site, you still have to spend time cleaning and maintaining your equipment, on top of travel time.
  7. bulhead19

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    i factored 20 bucks in fuel spent to and back i like to charge 30 an hr...most guys do in my area. im assuming itll take me 2 or 3 hours solo (mow,trim,blow) and if its a rough terrain then hr rate goes to 35/40 just to protect my equipment and time. so i would say about 120 to 150..? ill let you guys know when i see it as then i will know for certain.

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    I would not do it for under 150. If I am trimming a fence line on 2 acres I would go up from that to be honest. Also the economy will play a role in what you can get. But I would not touch it for less than 150. I am charging 65-75 for a little less than an acre over here in Texas.
  9. topsites

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    Give it your best shot.
  10. ACC_INC.

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    Try looking at it from the owners perspective. I have a 3.2 acre shop. I wouldn't pay $150 per cut no matter what you did to it. Most of my shop is open, there is a 300' culvert in the front and a 100' round pond. Also a 300' fence line that needs to be done on both sides. To me I own a construction firm and when we bought the property I got a estimate to get it cut. He told me great deal, "deal of the life time" $195 per cut. Looking back it was a good deal, but no thanks. Didn't want to waste the poor guys time, so I gave him $20 for the estimate and we parted ways. I bought a residential 60" Gravely ZTR, can't remember what model, it was $4500 got it for 3k with a year intrest free, and a Husqvarna straight stick trimmer. Takes me under 90 min solo to cut and edge.

    Point is, most people are cheap and the price and service needs to be far superior for me to drop $200 per week when I got all I need for $3300. Basically free equipment after the first year.

    Sorry for my ramble.
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