acreage mowing charges??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by americanlawnartists, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. americanlawnartists

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    I'm sure this has been brought up in many posts, but i'm getting a few more commercial properties this year. I'm trying to make a switch from residential. Anyway, what are you guys prices averaging per acre and up for just basic mowng. 5...10++ acres? Thanks and may we all make some dough this season!!
  2. sildoc

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    5+ acres I have my costs down to doing it for around 35-40 an acre. below that it is I raise my rates considerably. 10 acres or more I am guessing I can get down to 30 an acre and still make good money. I will still try to get my prices as high as the market will bear.
    I have a 1.5 acre that I get 95 a cut and takes me 40 minutes. and 3 more down the road that are an acre that I get 60 a cut for.
  3. Lynden-Jeff

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    Good to know sil doc. I bid 1.3 acre property at $100 CDN a cut, quite a few trees and such, glad to know im not way off compared to other places.

  4. meets1

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    If you can get YOUR rate - get it. Around my area - competition is getting worse and low balling is at an all time high. I lost a 33 acre commercial site - new bid, went out at 16 / acre. This guy is using a 72 inch JD Z. I was using a 455D toro batwing.

    If you want big stuff, know your price, stick with it and who'll make money but also be happy with your decision. I was offered to match that price but I was already in the low 20's / acre and money just wasn't there like our other jobs. I said thanks but I am sorry - not at that price.
  5. dhardin53

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    meets1, I know what you mean with the low ballers. I bid a easy road ways and 2 small parks for a condo asso, and I knew thay had a bid form our local lowballer. Its 6 aces kind of spread out I figured 3 hours with my 108" unit, I lost the bid. the low baller uses 2 60" bobcats Zs. Thats 2 guy to do what i can do with one machine and faster. And he splits $150 per mow. Go figure, I wont go that low. I dont need the work that bad. I told the guy with the Condo asso when he raises his bid to consider my price.

    ALA, again you real need to know how to mow and "make time mowin" its kind of different and chalanging to mow with no wasted time spent an a commercial big lawn. I say this and so many here just poo poo it off, but when your mowing big commercial theres no time for any wasted steps or sillynest. I call it "get in and get it done". Then if you priced it right you will make money and enjoy it as well.
    Example A good LCO friend of mine was unloading his WD to mow the small 1/4 acer commercal lot. I at the same time unloaded to mow a 5 acer lot with a lot of walks, plants ext just 1 block awy. I was done and laoded and stoped to chat with him and I had to wate for him to finish. Granted he dos good work and admitedly takes his time to make it look good. But there is a line here some where. And this is what you have to figure out. My lawn look just as good as his.

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