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    Does anyone else get irritated when a manufacturer says a mower will mow 5 acres/Hr. or even 7? I realize that they are just taking top speed and multiplying it by deck width. Has anyone tried to mow this fast? I mowed 3 acres/Hr once and cut a baseball in half. Never saw it. Imagine the skidmarks there would be at the end of each row. I wonder sometimes if people are mowing the grass or just laying it down. God forbid somebody would quote a job at these rates. What your fastest? What is your norm?:cool:
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    I know of a guy who claimed to be able to cut 10 acres/hour on one of his properties. It was a wide open property with nothing to mow around. He was using a Great Dane Surfer and a 60" tow behind off to the side. He said he was running 10 miles/hour most of the time. I would have liked to have seen it.

  4. Exmark rates theirs at 100% and 80%. I get close to their 80% on a 60" deck. Bout 6 acres an hr.

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    On a good day, when conditions are good and I'm feeling like I'm not spacin' out, I can mow about an 1 acre an hour with a 44" deck with trees and hills to go around.
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    I have one commercial property that has a nice open flat 7.5 acres. Usually takes 1.5 hours, can't run wide open because the bahia grass is tough. That's about the best I can do all my other properties are too rough or have too many obstacles to run wide open. I run a M665, the brochure says it'll cut 5.5 acres per hour, under perfect conditions that would be easy.
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    sorry Lee,

    What is a M655? How wide. HP?
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    Since Lee isn't on the boards right now, it is a John Deere ZTR and I think it is a 60" cut with a 25 HP engine.

    Kees did make the ZTR, JD made the deck, but now I think it will be Great Dane making the ZTR for them since they bought Great Dane.

    This might not be exact, but close. :)
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    Eric, you're exactly right.
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    to LAWNGODFATHER - Do you realize that to mow 6 acres per hour with a 60" deck requires a speed of 9.9 mph, and it would require absolutely no overlap (full 60" swath must be taken at all times, and there can be absolutely no allowance for any reorienting your mower, turning around or anything. It must be mowing new grass every second for the entire hour.

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