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mid coast,Maine
I am bidding on a park --Wondering about production rates for walker 48" with speedup kit( I know I should have checked mine in past seasons but didn't). Park is about 11 acres,very rough,about 150 trees, mostly flat( over all poor mowing conditions). Any ideas how long it might take? Mow and trim only Also those of you with faster mowers, I would be intersted in rates for them also under these conditions. thanks for the input brad


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SE Kansas
If all you got is a 48 Walker it is an all day job. In my experience a job like the one you described(rough mowing conditions) would not be an ideal property. I"ve thougth Walkers to buck around in rough contions. Why tear you machine up. The budget is most likely low and the property manager is most likely looking for the low bidder. Ask yor self what is a solid days worht of work to you? Me- atleast 5 big ones. If you can make it work than you da man! Go for it if you can make some money off it!!

Jet boater

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I'm not commercial, but I cut 2.00 acres in approx 55-60 minutes (seat time).

Fairly flat. Approx. 1.5 acres pretty smooth. Approx. .5 acre kinda rough. 15 - 20 trees to mow around.

Scag SST, 61" deck.


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stanfield nc
A ztr will mow it faster but if its to rough
it can be hard to handle.If they will let you
I would certainly roundup around trees.
I hope you dont need this one enough to
under bid.Could be a dreaded thing everyweek.
With my 52 cut exmark. 11acres would take
at least half day solo.I may get faster though.
good luck TM

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the speed up kit is not going to really do much .....the Walker is slower than most ....about 8 mph ....but is a quality machine ..... you should average 1 acre per hr at first ..... than get it down to 45 min. after time on flat areas

In a dirty condition you are really going to beat on her .... so keep her clean .... and check that air filter (hope fully you have the remote up air intake ... had one installed on an older unit for under $200.00 and the oil looks real clean at change time)


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Hey cut-rite,go to the Exmark site again,on the home page at the top, click on "Products" at the top of the page, between "About Exmark" and "Dealer Locator". Then just click on the first listed mower, which happens to be a Lazer Z XP, Then scroll down the page that tells you about that mower and you will see where it says "How many acres per hour can you mow" just click where it says click here, and your'e there. Hope you find it.