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Actor and Philanthropist Paul Walker and Reach Out Worldwide Visit STIHL Inc. Tools

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements' started by AmieW, May 8, 2013.

  1. AmieW

    AmieW LawnSite Member
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    Actor and Philanthropist Paul Walker and Reach Out Worldwide Visit STIHL Inc.
    Tools for Disaster Relief Missions Provided by STIHL Virginia Beach Headquarters

    (VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.) – Actor and philanthropist Paul Walker recently visited the Virginia Beach, Va., headquarters of STIHL Inc. to thank the company for its support of his relief organization Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW), a network of professionals with first-responder skill sets. STIHL Inc. is the exclusive handheld outdoor power equipment sponsor of ROWW, whose volunteers use their expertise after natural disasters strike to help accelerate relief efforts by augmenting local resources.

    Walker and key members of his ROWW team visited STIHL Inc. in order to meet the employees involved in building the tools used in their worldwide relief efforts.

    “We were honored to have the chance to see how the products we depend on are manufactured,” said Paul Walker, founder of ROWW. “It was obvious how genuinely enthusiastic the employees are, and the commitment to quality can be seen from the cleanliness of the facility to the fact that each product is tested before it leaves the factory.”

    Recognized as the “Official Chain Saw” during ROWW missions such as relief for Hurricane Sandy victims, STIHL Inc. provides the necessary handheld outdoor power equipment to help the volunteers in their relief efforts and recovery processes, including chain saws, augers and cut-off machines, as well as equipment training in preparation for the domestic and international missions.

    “We are inspired by the way Reach Out Worldwide impacts individuals. They show up to disaster sites and make a difference. We are proud to support their efforts in every way we can,” said Fred Whyte, president of STIHL Inc. “Knowing our products make their difficult work easier validates why we focus on providing durability and dependability in all of our equipment.”

    Photos from the visit are available at http://bit.ly/rowwvisit and high-resolution imagery is available by request. More information on Reach Out Worldwide is at www.roww.org and on STIHL at www.stihlusa.com.

    About STIHL Inc.
    STIHL Inc. manufactures the number one selling brand of gasoline-powered handheld outdoor power equipment in America,* as well as the number one selling brand of chain saws in the world. STIHL products are sold through servicing power equipment retailers from coast to coast – not mass merchants. Located in Virginia Beach, Va., STIHL Inc., the headquarters for U.S. operations for the worldwide STIHL Group, exports to over 90 countries around the world; and the majority of STIHL products sold in America are also built in America.* STIHL products sold through U.S. STIHL dealers are for distribution in the United States only. For more information or for the name of a local STIHL retailer, call toll free 1-800-GO STIHL (1-800-467-8445), visit stihlusa.com or text your zip code to 78445.
    *A majority of STIHL products are built in the United States from domestic and foreign parts and components. "Number one selling brand" is based on syndicated Irwin Broh Research as well as independent consumer research of 2009-2012 U.S. sales and market share data for the gasoline-powered handheld outdoor power equipment category combined sales to consumers and commercial landscapers.
    STIHL is also pleased to support the work of Independent We Stand, the Tree Research and Education Endowment Fund (TREE Fund), International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), National FFA, Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), the American Tree Farm System (ATFS), the National Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) and the National Association of State Park Directors.

    For information on job opportunities with STIHL Inc., please go to www.stihlcareers.com. STIHL is an EEO and drug-free work environment.

    About Reach Out Worldwide
    Reach Out Worldwide is a dedicated network of professionals with first-responder skill-sets (including project management, logistics, heavy equipment operation, EMT paramedic training, firefighting, and nursing, etc). The volunteers provide their expertise, in the United States and abroad, when natural disasters strike and augment local resources with the goal of accelerating relief efforts. Our mission is to arrive as quickly as possible, ease the survivors’ pain, offer clean water, medicine and other basic necessities and bring hope in the bleakest of circumstances. Reach Out Worldwide operates on the philosophy that by making a difference in just one person’s life, the world has been changed for the better.

    For more information visit our website at: www.roww.org.

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