actual cutting season in MD??????????


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baltimore, md
How long do you guys mow into the winter months here in Md??? I was curious being that most of what i've seen varies somewhat in the northeast, i would think through october but then again im new to the business. What will customers accept and pay for?????? Anyone from here that can help me??????? thanks

River Hill

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I normally try to finish up the week before Thanksgiving, I normally go hunting in WV the week of Thanksgiving, but last year I fininshed my last cut December 3rd.

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
Most regular mowing is usually done by the middle of October. After that it's leaf cleanups and touchup mowing until closing on the last day of November. Regular mowing begins in April. That's 27 weeks of grass cutting.


Gulf Shores, AL
I stop mowing about the about the last week of November or December, depending on the weather. I really expect an early freeze this year and mowing may end much earlier. I don't know about you, but we had some 45 degree dawns here in Frederick.

Dean Williams

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we normally finish by the 10 th of dec.
but have been know to clean leaves up as the snow is fallin depends on the weather ,but wre normally good till mid dec.
thanks for a change for picky clients