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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by AustinJ, Jul 8, 2002.

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    This might be kind of a strange question, but what is the total width of a 32" or 36" exmark wb? Im planning on getting a new trailer with a side gate, which I will use for a walkbehind which I plan to buy in the future as I expand my business. The trailer dealer quoted me a price with a 3 foot side gate, and I got a little worried that my future wb might not fit through it... So, will a 32" or 36" walkbehind actually fit through a 36" opening, or should I try to get a wider side gate? Thanks.
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    Thanks for the e-mail. You concerns are valid. The 32" has an over all width of 32.7 with the discharge chute in the up position and the 36" is actually 36.4". Keep in mind that if the gate is 36" the opening may be slightly wider or even narrower. I would recommend measuring the opening just to be safe.


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    I'm not sure if you are in the business or not, but Home Depot sells a 3 foot keychain tape measure, made by Stanley. I'ts actually 40 inches. I put it on my keychain for my truck so that when I go out to give estimates, the metal measuring tape is always with me so that if there is a gate, alley way or tight spot, I can measure real quick to see if my mower will fit in there.

    Best $1.99 Home Depot tool I ever bought. <G>


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