actual mower cut height

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by williams lcm, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. williams lcm

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    It seems that the last few zero turns I have owned always start out new at the correct cut height.from JD to ferris. It seems like after 300hrs the height gets 1/2inch off. Does this happen to other zero turns ?and what causes this?
  2. ArTurf

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    Tire wear perhaps
  3. LandFakers

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    My exmark seems about a half off aswell. No big deal, just set it .5 higher and go
  4. Johnagain

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    All my scags have done this also. No body can explain why this has happened. The real problem is that it can't be adjusted out. The dealer hasn't been able to nor the rep can't figure it out either. We have even placed calls into the manufacturer and they can't figure out the problem.
  5. ShaneysLawnCare

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    Metal stretches over time and what ever lift system you have all the mechanical components are getting slightly longer every bump the deck jumps on. This causes some, tire wear is another factor. What ever height stopping mechanism you have is also wearing too. All factors add up to a slightly off height.

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