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    I presently own a grass gobbler for my 06 bobcat fixed deck walk-behind, a gg-4 i believe. I was wondering of wright makes an adapter plate t fit that gobbler on y 2001 toro z-147 zero-turn with float "SFS" deck.
    Thank you
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    Grass Happens,

    If the catcher for your Bobcat is the universal GG450, then you should be able to mount it to your Toro with minimal modifications. The spec for the Toro is the TOJ350, it uses a bracket spec'd by Toro but mounts in a very similar fashion. All you should have to do is drill the front mounting hole in the flat bar rail on the edge of the deck. Line up the openings to determine the best location for the hole. The only other issue is if the rear of the openings are different you may have to add a piece of material to the catcher to close any gap that might cause a blow out condition. The opening of the GG450 is angled and the Toro deck opening is square. If you need further guidance please contact us (301)-360-9810.

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