Add a dovetail & ramp to a van body


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one more thing i need to know and it has been asked in this thread but over looked .......what is the angle of approach on the setup and if it is possible can we request a flatter agle due to our walker mowers (not a walk behind ) will hang between the rear third wheel and the body while backing up a 33 degree grade and it need to be less for our application

You didn't like the answer they gave me either huh.....We will see if you get an answer......:waving:


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flatlander its a very important detail they may be avoiding on purpose, never know..... it would be nice if they could build it as a removable tail for us as well


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we have done them from 33to 22 and at times it gets hung on that so let me know about 15 degrees ..... we have a wilro bed on a cab over and its imposible to load them our gravely60'' goes like 5'' of float and it will lift the front wheels on them lol i hope they can fix the angle i think its 36degrees and it would cost more to modify then the truck is worth lol

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I will address the last several entries now. First I hope you can understand our reservations in freely giving out our engineering information on a forum.

Next it depends on the terms express and or how you go at looking at the problem.

Most likely “flatlander” 15 degrees building his ramp are the degree of angle to the floor.

Another method is the degree of slope most likely as “XLS” is referring to.

We always request the ground to floor height as this to can effect the degree of slope. There is not a standard dimension to work from with existing trucks with van boxes to have a standard degree of slope. This is why we will ask for a phone call with the dimensions to discuss the customer’s specific needs.

I believe we can assist “XLS” with his problem. Give us a call and we will get our engineering team to work on this

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