Add-on services for summer?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Precision Lawns, Mar 3, 2006.

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    We bill by sending out invoices once a month. Once last year we sent out an offer for an aerating/overseeding special with our invoices and we got a really good response. So we were throwing around the idea of running a special with every invoice we do this year, offering a discount on one of our add-on services. Right now we're doing spring cleanup, mulch install, and hedge trimming specials (as a way to get new customers) and we're getting a pretty decent response rate so far, and we expect it to pick up as the weather improves.

    We're all set on specials we could run in the spring and fall. The problem is coming up with specials for the summer. We could run a hedge trimming special again, which would be good for one month, and we thought of maybe doing a pressure washing special or a landscape install special (but that last one is kind of broad...we may need to narrow it down some)...what are some other ideas for services to offer over the summer?

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    Sounds like you have it all covered.
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    pool cleaning

    driveway pressure washing

    basement cleanout/hauling

    garage organizing (put up shelving....)

    oh, I guess you meant only lawn related??

    mailbox plantings

    driveway marker shrub install

    small tree trimming

    holiday related---- 4th of July super cleanup/trimming

    memorial day --trim and small area house painting

    bird feeder install

    drainage check/cleanout

    garden shed maintenance---paint, clean, general maintenance

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