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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rooty, Dec 2, 2003.

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    I have been in the landscape business 6 years now and still find it difficult to inform clients they will be billed or charged for changes to their landscape above and beyond the contract. I have a clause in my contract about change orders, but sometimes find it hard to fill out a change order when we are installing and they come out and make changes. This means I have to stop work, fill out the paper work, figure out cost, go over it with them, wait for there decision and then move on. In most cases I just make the changes and find myself getting into trouble when it comes time for final payment. Does anybody else have this problem...and if so, how do you handle it?
    For example: I had a recent client who we installed outdoor low voltage lighting for. He wanted to controller out in the yard v.s. next to the outlet on the deck. So we hard wired an outlet out into his yard off his fuse panel. When I tried billing him for the labor and materials for the outlet, he thought it should be included with the lighting per the original contract. Which of course was not specific enough to state where the controller whould be plugged in.
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    I would just tell him in the situation like that then that the controller will be moved to where the original plan for it was at.

    I think that it a lot of times involved certain cutomers what to expect from them. You just have to feel them out. I usually just tell them ahead of time right then and there that the cost is going to be more (without the paperwork). Other customers I just go ahead and bill them for the extra work and they are fine with it. It just depends on the customers and the price involved I feel.

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    Been burned a couple of times like that. Now all our contracts state that any change from the original contract will be billed seperately. i.e. unexpected rocks, etc. we also do alot of irrigation and those contracts state that the power is to be supplied by the homeowner. Just a thought

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