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    I am offering my Landscape Light Fixture Manufacturing and Sales business for sale. This is a business easily run from your home garage. 2012 sales are over $89,000 and my net income is nearly $19,000. Most current customers are in the Salt Lake Valley, with some out of state. Easily relocated, this could be the start of something big for you.

    I know times are tough, but I can make it easier to own this business by holding back some of the inventory. Current inventory is about $47,000. I will take up to $20,000 of that and hold if for you to purchase on an as-needed basis with no commitment from you. The other $27,000 in inventory will be sold with the business for .30 on the dollar or $9,000 on top of the business purchase price.

    Business, including all equipment ($10,000), brochures, websites, phone numbers, contacts, and current customers is only $15,000.

    Skills required are light fabrication, cutting, drilling, polishing.

    Space required is about half a 2 car garage, running water, and power.

    Training provided at no additional charge with ongoing phone support.

    I am selling due to time constraints. I have a full time job and travel extensively and cannot commit the time to grow this business. I have been operating this working about 4-5 days per month this year. There are virtually no sales from Dec through Mar.

    Contact Russ by email for more information at: Lightingbusiness at

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