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Added another mower yesterday

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by splatz100, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. splatz100

    splatz100 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 647

    Well I finally got my hands on a digital camera, so now I can have some pics.
    I added this used XT3000-60 to my equipment. I will also try to remember to get some pics of my super z and super mini z.

  2. South Florida Lawns

    South Florida Lawns LawnSite Platinum Member
    from usa
    Messages: 4,784

    Dixie's are nice wish i had one. They don't make them small enough though, too big for most of my accounts.
  3. splatz100

    splatz100 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 647

    Yea I'm do around 80% commercial/20% residential

    So for my uses the 2 60's,52, and 34 are a good setup.
  4. fishman644

    fishman644 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 46

    its about ten years old but still in great condition with a 2 year old 25 hp kohler. i dont know why i waited so long to buy one but im very happy with it. paid $2200.00 for it. i think i got a good buy. :D
  5. Cutter LLC

    Cutter LLC LawnSite Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 100

    I got to see a pic of your set-up now. I am soo jealous. I don't know if you remember me I'm the one that converted my super mini into quite a beast. Did you just aquire these acounts or did you cut them with just your 34z, if so man you have got to be really increasing productivity. Are you solo, sorry for all the questions you just have my exact taste in mowers. Happy cutting let us know the differances between the hustlers and dixie good and bad and include lots of pics if you have the time.
  6. splatz100

    splatz100 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 647

    Yea I was doing around 70% residential/30% commercial with just my 34z, all solo.

    Since then I have acquired a housing development, three parking lots, a hospital, and around 12 businesses(banks,restaurants,etc.) Which are grossing me about 25k monthly.

    I have then added 3 employees and do all of my commercials on monday-thursday. I still do around 40 residentials thursday-saturday(dropped all the PITA and small ones). All of those which are grossing me about 6500 monthly.

    I dont think it is too bad for a guy just trying to start a part time lawn care business, and then going to a full time LCO and making much more than my last job.

    I will definately try and get some pics, but am still trying to learn how to use my camera. And only have Sundays........
  7. MMLawn

    MMLawn LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,569

    Wait a minute. I am kinda lost here or either this whole "story" is BS one....

    Your Profile you say in age you are "Over 18"...however your DOB you have listed as March 6, 1988 which means you just recently turned 17 years old. So at 17 please explain how you have 80 Commercial Accts when you can't even sign a Legal Contract and how you bought a 2005 HD Chevy Truck, Enclosed Trailer and these "new" mowers all in a very short period of time since you have only been on LS since November, which you also say that you were smal and cutting with a tiny 34" mower and now you have all this and claim to be grossing $378,000.00 a year by the figures you are throwing out in this post??

    It's one thing for you to DREAM Big, but to BS these guys that won't call you on it, esp the ones that might be thinking about giving up their current job that provides for their family and go into the LCO buisness Fulltime and look at post like this for guidance and don't know enough to see you are only 17 and probably BSing....is Very Misleading and Dangerous and does not help these REAL New Fulltime guys at all!!!
  8. Lawnworks

    Lawnworks LawnSite Fanatic
    from usa
    Messages: 5,407

    I hope that warranty transfers on that generac. We blew up two 30hp mowers, and they finally gave us a 32hp. These engines are total pieces of crap. IT consumes 10 gallons a day versus the Hustler at 6 gallons per day. I would advise selling it and getting a Chopper w/ a kholer. How much did you pay for the machine?
  9. Lawnworks

    Lawnworks LawnSite Fanatic
    from usa
    Messages: 5,407

    Are you realling grossing 31.5k a month at 18?
  10. splatz100

    splatz100 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 647

    Actually I'm not 18. My birthday is March 6, 1978. Yes I was cutting 80% residential/20% commercial before I bought the 3 mowers. I was given 8 of the commercial properties from a friend, and was doing the other 4 with just a 34Z. And the hospital(lourdes), three parking lots(academy,albertsons,and time plaza), and housing development(jackson square) were done by a business that went out of business and I was able to bid on them and get them(no I did not lowball, I come out ahead on all of them). I dont care what you think MMLawn and I dont have 80 commercial accounts, because I'm making money and you cant understand and automatically think I'm BSing. I will give my advice to people on this site, but by no means will that work for them. I got a deal on the 2500 and the trailer was given to me by the friend who gave me the accounts(in exchange for free lawn care and referrals,because he got into the landscaping side)

    I paid 5500 for the mower and it had 166 hours on it. I actually bought the mower from the guy who went out of business. And hopefully the mower will last, if not I might have to get rid of it.

    Yes I come out roughly making 32k a month but I'm not 18.

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