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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by starbase12, Apr 21, 2011.

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    I have a couple of customers who have large outside dogs. These dogs have totally destroyed and made a mess of the backyards by digging holes, scattering items about and so forth. In addition I have to deal with the large piles of dog poop.

    Has anyone ever charged extra for customers with large animals in the yard. The holes and mess create a lot of wear and tear on the equipment.
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    All factored into the estimate. PITA clause charge. You bet.

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    In general it is best to avoid large holes with your mower. Honestly most of the yards I have come across like that are owned by people on a tight budget. I would just drop them if they cant come up with more cash. More than likely they are the same ones that tried to get you to go down on your price.
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    Years ago I had a residential client with a nice yard. An easy cut.
    Then they got a Lab Puppy. It must have been a few months old.

    It dug the heck out of the back yard. And I don't need to mention the other mess.

    They wouldn't fix the problem, pick up after their dog or have the holes filled.

    I dropped them.

    In my HOA contracts I bill 50 per infraction. I post warnings first.
    There is always a fight about this...

    When I do an estimate, if I notice a seriously gross yard, I usually won't do the bid.
    If the yard stinks from a distance, is full of holes or grass tufts and urin burns and it looks as though it hasn't been able to be maintained properly, I will walk away.

    Smaller dog problems can be easier for potential clients to hide when you are estimating, until they stop cleaning and you get soiled on cutting day.

    At lunch-time an employee with B.O. or stinky work clothes is one thing, but
    if they're soiled in excrement...ew

    You can cut around it, or skip the yard....then the next week it's twice as long and you have more wear and tear on your equipment too!

    Dogs and their owners politics can be challenging.

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