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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by P&J Lawncare, May 15, 2002.

  1. P&J Lawncare

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    Well it is still raining every day here so I decided to put headlights on my super z so that I can cut for a extra hour every night. I figure this will give me 1-2 extra yards a day so maybe by november I will get caught up. This year has been unbelievable I actually have been going to work as it is raining (never even had to cut in the rain till this year) and I don't know what else to do so hopefully the lights will help a little bit in my pursuit to catch up.
  2. SLS

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    I think that you will find adding the lights to your ZTR to be beneficial.

    I work solo and added a set of Hella FF75 halogen driving lamps on my Lazer Z last fall as the days got shorter and more accounts were rolling in. This spring it has been rain, rain, rain....and like yourself I finally consigned myself to mowing in it in order to keep on schedule. A good rainsuit is great addition to your toolbox too. The addition of the lights have really helped to squeeze in that extra lawn at the end of the day. I do the trimming and pushing (if any) first and then ride it out and blow it off last. Just one or two lawns will pay for the lights. And then I can come home, unload, and cut my own lawn before parking it in the garage. :)

    This fall you will really be happy you have those lights when it gets dark at 5:00.

    What kind of lights did you mount on your ZTR?
  3. Esby33

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    I was also considering headlights for my Lazer. I only have 2 accounts that I would use them on, and they are very large commercials. I think if I showed up at 10pm at a residential I might get funny looks:rolleyes:
  4. HLC

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    Could you post some pics? I want to put some on my Z and would like to see how you did yours............Joe

    BTW.....All you guys who are complaining about the rain, I have an idea...........................Send it our way!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Pro-Cut Lawns

    Pro-Cut Lawns LawnSite Member
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    I'd be interested in pics also or tell us how you mounted them. Ive been considering adding them since last fall and with the rain killing my schedule I think its time to put them on.
  6. AltaLawnCare

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    Do the lights vibrate badly?

    And did you wire a separate circuit with its own fuse and relay - Or did you have to?
  7. UGA

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    I have been thinking of doing this for 2 years now and never have. I was also wondering about the additional circuit and also how they would hold up tp vibration. Ya' know I never have figured out why all commercial mowers don't come with lights like tractors and homeowner lawn tractors do. We're not driving any faster than a tractor that's for sure.
  8. Sooners

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    I put on a set of Optronics quartz halogen lites (tiny fog lites 55w each) I bought at Wal-Mart for about $15.00. I cut a piece of stainless steel about 1-1/4" wide and drilled a hole on each end and mounted it to the two existing holes on my Lazer Z 60" between the 2 front tires and below the foot rest. The lite set came with wiring and a rocker switch. Just attach the wires to the battery and ground one other wire and route the excess wire under the mower. I haven't done it yet, but you can cut a rectangular hole into the control panel and the switch will pop into place. These lights are pretty brite and if you look at them they'll blind you. Hope this helps someone.
  9. little green guy

    little green guy LawnSite Senior Member
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    I mounted light on my lazer too. I mounted two round rubber housed lights on the arm rests of the mower then I ran the wires to a toggle switch that i mounted in the dash of the mower next to the hour meter, then I ran the wires to the battery with a inline fuse stuck in the middle. They work great, we used the lights like everyday last fall, I havn't had to use them yet this year though (even though we're backed up like crazy). Anyway, it i think the armrest is a perfect place for them, thier out of the way and they shine the light right where it's needed.
  10. SLS

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    from Mars
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    Here are the Hella FF75's on my Lazer. I fab'ed the mounting brackets from 'spring' steel so they have a little flex if you run them up on something. The brackets at 1/4" thick so engine/riding vibration is almost non-existant. They came with all the wiring, relay, fuse block, and a green illuminated rocker switch-which I mounted next to the PTO switch. I put them on last fall and so good. Very bright.

    I am going to shorten the brackets to about half the length that they are now for more clearance under bushes, ect.

    Mounting them under the armrests sounds like a good idea too.


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