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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by American_Lawn, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. American_Lawn

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    I am currently working for a real estate company mowing foreclosed homes. Right now they are about 90% of my business and pay me every week. Right now I do about 60 cuts in 3 1/2 days with me and brother. They said that if I could handle 130-160 cuts a week, they will give it to me. My problem is I need to add another crew to be on their own. I was thinking about waiting for next year to go bigger, but should I go ahead and hire a helper to help me now, and give him control of the other crew next year? If I hire him now I was thinking about paying $80 a day and when he drive by himself, $95 per day. What advice can you guys give me for adding a new crew to do about 60-80 cuts pr week?
  2. evergreenedmond

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    look at the costs you will have by adding the 2nd crew against the added profits for the new lawns, if the numbers work I would say go with it. The only thing that worries me is you have all your eggs in 1 basket & if this company decides to go with someone else you are in serious trouble.
  3. ed2hess

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    The biggest problem will be in finding these two guys that you need and getting them trained and outfitted.
  4. Dugann

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    I as well do alot of foreclosures for a local real estate company. I have a crew of 2 and 3-4 others that I call on depending on the job. like subs I guess you could say. The question you just asked is one of the reasons I am searching on this forum my self. Great question and very sim to my situation.
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    You read and hear more and more about people mowing foreclosures. With foreclosures seeming to reach an all time high now-a-days, it leaves a lot of properties out there that get overgrown and in need of serious maintenance.

    My question is ... what do these properties usually pay in relation to other mowing jobs. Also ... I would imagine that most all of these are pretty dumpy, over-grown yards that may have many things in them that could damage your equipment (junk, bottles, bricks ... etc)

    How many of you mow these things ... and are you making any real money with them?
  6. American_Lawn

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    Right now I do about 57 a week. Everytime a new house is added, another crew first goes and cleans out the house including the yard and does the first cut. I get paid a flat fee no matter how small the yard and if on is alittle bigger than the min than I will let them know and get paid according. If the grass is over 12inches tall, I take a pic and send in the bid to cut it. I do about 3/4 acre for about $80, and that is my biggest one. Most of the yards I only trim the back because its just mostly dirt.

    On another note about what if the company goes with another person.
    I have yet to advertise my business. I want a crew to handle all of these cuts that I have now, then I will advertise for my own customers. Just dont have the time to take on anymore yet.
  7. Fatboy

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    If you're thinking about adding 2 guys then why can't you take and train one guy and your brother do the same with the other guy?

  8. Dugann

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    You are right a lot of them are dumpy and over grown. There is always risk to equipment. Therefor you charge and charge well for doing them. These companies that has these property know that they have to pay good $ to get them cleaned up. And they do. We do about 1-3 a week along with our residual accounts. It is these properties that I bring in the crews on for the most part. Equipment wise you have to one use older equipment or good heavy equipment I use a mix. I use my older stuff on them and like a DR brush mower or sub contract out for someone to brush hog it(charge it back to them with a mark up). Example last one that I did (you also have to take in to account where you live. SW Arkansas here) it took me and a crew of 2 15 hours basically 4 hours to clean it up $450 + dump fees $50 + mileage $15.05 $515. Was decent $ for 4 hours of work. I try and plan these type jobs on light or slow days.

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