Adding a Walk behind To My Walker

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tomt, May 3, 2003.

  1. Tomt

    Tomt LawnSite Member
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    I have a Walker with a 42' GHS deck and a 42" mulching deck.
    My problem is changing the decks during the course of the day is a pain. I have some mulching and some collection accounts.
    I want to add a 48" or larger walk behind and use the Walker GHS.
    I want the most for the least (don't we all) in the walk behind.

    I need to make this addition soon.
    Suggestions as to brand, size or other options will be greatly appreciated.
  2. cblackwe

    cblackwe LawnSite Member
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    Just an idea, haven't owned a Walker,,,,,,yet:D But, how about getting the extensions that hold the GHS door open and dropping the clippings back down after going through the deck and through the blower?? You probably already thought of and tried this and it may have not been a good result. Just a thought from the research and test drive that I have done on the Walker. :D :D :D How do you like the Walker??? Will most likely be my next addition..
  3. JJ Lawn

    JJ Lawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    When you change the deck, are you changing frame and all?

    I also have a 42" GHS and 42" mulch deck. But when I swap my deck I only swap the pans. (no frame). Pull for deck pins, slide out one deck, tie off, and slide in other deck, install 4 pins. Takes about 3-4 minutes on the trailer, and off I go.

    Can't help on the Walker walk-behind. But it is on my wish list.

  4. Mowingman

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    from Texas
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    I carry both 42" decks and change them out once or twice some days. With practice, I have gotten it to where I can change decks by myself in 3 - 5 min. How long have you had the Walker and how many times have you done a deck change? It took me about one full season to get it down oto just a few minutes. Maybe I am a slow learner, but I never could get the hang of it that first year.
    I have been able to organize my routes to minimize the daily deck changes. I would never go back to a walkbehind after using the Walker.:)

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