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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nvrstsfd23, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. nvrstsfd23

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    My company is adding a 2nd crew what way do you guys split up your crew. We mow all sizes of commercial and residental areas. So there will be large mowing and small mowing. Would it be better to set up one crew to handle the big and one for the small or set up each equal and split the work in half.
  2. Grits

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    I have no real experience on this, but first thought was by area. To keep the routes tighter. Again,. just a thought....I am sure someone with actual experience with this will tell you the most efficient and best way to do it.
  3. Uranus

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    We used to mesh the 2 crews together. Start off by mowing all the commercial on mondays, then finish of monday doing res. schedule the com. so that you have each crew at small properties and meeting up for the larger ones. Rest of the week we would do residential and meet up for the streets with 4 or more at a stop. doesn't always work out with scheduling but it is nice to have the extra guys in the summer when they can share the wacking in the hot summer sun. We were within a few miles of each other that way if we had a break down or something happened we had help if needed.
  4. ed2hess

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    We start all crews at commericial sites because you can start earlier then move on to finish each day on residential. Most of our commericial site are large enough to use more than two or three people.
  5. surgeon83

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    I divided mine on location (mostly) and size came along with it because of larger lots on the other side of town. I had two guys mowing smaller lots with a 48 and 36, and I did larger ones alone with a 61, then hired another to help me personally, then added another to my two-man crew.

    Reason size did matter for me was that I only had one 61" mower, and if I was mowing an open 1.5 acre lot, the trimmer would be finished way before me and I'd be paying him to sit and watch me mow. Now if you had enough mowers for every worker, you can always divide all of the work up evenly so nobody's sitting around.
  6. noseha

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    I set one crew (2 workers) for easy route for the day. my crew (2 wokers )for what needs to look the best. one sat crew ( 3 workers ) for my resort and whats left over.

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