Adding Aux Hydros to and Excavator


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Is it possible to add Aux Hydraulics to an excavator. I have come across a bunch that don't have it and curious if it is possible or is it just too expensive to add to make worth while.



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The cost can depend on a lot of things:

1. Machine Brand
2. How the machine is equiped
3. if it is not a current machine model many dealers will have kits for sale for 50 cents on the dollar.
4. if you can get an aftermarket get.
5. What type of attachment you want to add.
6. Then you can always do the rubber line trick.

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Just about $8000, less if you did all the work. It's a hell of a job doing it yourself, I still think doing it on a skid steer or a mini excavator is easier due to their size.
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This is very close to the number I got to run aux. on my 9020B from the dealer.