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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by grassmasterswilson, Jan 6, 2013.

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    Trying to go more full service. Working on 2013 mowing packages.

    Right now I have a basic mowing level. Which would be similar to mow blow go. The next level is bed maintenance. I'm looking at this service including picking up sticks, pine cones, weeds, and bed clean out of leaves.

    I'm really stuck on pricing. I know every one's lawns are different but I think I could keep them clean for $5-10 extra per cut plus a one time leaf cleanout.

    But I can't figure if I could charge less since I will be doing some type of work on them every week. First time would be time consuming if beds were dirty but after that a quick walk through each week would take care of sticks/pine cones and guys could blow out beds every time they service the property.
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    Weeding is extra for me but I have always included removing debris from beds as part of my spring and fall cleanups and then ongoing with each mowing service. I don't bill extra for's just part of the job in my opinion. The same goes for all hard surfaces...sidewalks, driveways, patios, decks, playscapes, steps...they all get blown off whether I got grass or other debris on them or not. So you just leave all that crap in the beds usually?
  3. grassmasterswilson

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    We pick up big limbs or debris and spray round up as necessary. It all depends on what the customer wants. Most of my beds are pine straw and we will spread fresh straw 1-2 times a year in a lot of them.

    Going into 2013 I am going to offer a few levels of service in hopes of keeping things simple....

    1. basic mow blow go
    2. Add beds- weekly pick up of sticks and pine cones, blow out leaves, more attention to weeds, etc
    3. Add pruning as needed

    I'm just trying to find a simple formular to price the bed work. I would think in my area that we could do an extra 10 minutes on each lawn to accomplish good bed maintenance. 10 minutes might be high over the course of a year but would account for leaves.
  4. bel-nor

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    I would think if your Turf Mowing prices are profitable begin with regular edging/string trimming as opposed to BMG. It will be hard to offer bed services, when it appears the basic service is short cutted. Im looking at a commercial account that has "bangs and ponytails growing onto the sidewalk. This growth could not have happened overnight, its apparent its from BMG. Weigh you time vs labor on some accounts and see what can be added to encourage extra services that result in extra profit. I hope no offense is taken I believe I understood your above posting correctly.
  5. DLCO

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    I have not started my business yet (a few more weeks yet!), so I don't really have any actual data to support my numbers other than some minor past experience and how long i think it'll take per 100sqft.

    First, I am only using organic methods (that does not include overdosing weeds with iron) so I do not really have to factor in the cost of herbicides. Bed weeding is only going to be done if the beds are "cleaned up" at a rate of $60/hr by me before weekly service can begin. Mulch is suggested, if it is not used then they pay a higher price for weeding.

    $0.06 – per 1sqft. weeding beds each week.
    Only with bed tilled and mulch installed.

    $0.15 -- per 1sqft. weeding beds each week.
    NO tilling NO mulch installed.

    $60 – weeding per hour

    Maybe this will help you out? Or maybe get you a step in the right direction?

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