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Adding commercial accounts


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I had someone give me an idea on how to land more commercial accounts. I wanted to hear ya'alls opinion on this. How does this sound...cheesy or smart?

You send a nice professional letter with a business card and a quoted price for mowing, trimming, blowing, etc. In your letter you tell a little about your company and why they should hire you to mow for them. You send these letters to businesses like grocery stores, resturants, churches, hardware stores, banks, car dealers, doctor offices, etc. It kinda sounds like a waste of time. You have to drive around pricing these places, then type a letter and mail it. Do you think this would be worth my time and effort? How else can you land these types of jobs. Aside from advertising. :confused:


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north carolina
Most Places and im not sure about your area , but here most commercial Bussiness buildings are leased to the business . so if you mail to that address then maybe the store manager gets it and then they trash it . what i have found best is cold calling and just try to get as much information from who answers the phone to put you in touch with the person that takes care of the lawn care .


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I agree. If it doesnt get to the right person the whole deal is a waste of time. Locally owned are easier to get to the owner. Chains are very tough and mostly overseen by a district manager.