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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by BobcatBoy06, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. BobcatBoy06

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    I'm looking to add some new fert and weed control clients this season, I would like to be around the 300 area. I was wondering what some of the best options are for adding customers. I know flyers and direct mail work decent, I was wondering more about road side boards, radio and tv. How many of you have tried things like these and what kind of luck have you had. This is only our second season offering fert, but we have been in the Lawn Maintenance business for many years. Our main competion would be Tru Green and A privately owned company. I would like to start and put somthing together soon I just am curious to what other people are thinking.
  2. jeffmoore

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    Always had good luck with local news papers and direct mail.
  3. tlg

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    Let me list the things that we spent money on that did not work: Radio, newspaper ads, phone book (large ad), and flyer's ( the time and effort hanging flyer's is a waste) Most of our new sales come from customer referrals and leads from about a dozen landscape firms that we refer work to mutually. Our trucks account for a good amount of new work ( highly visible, clean well lettered billboards that they are). Our office is located on a main highway so our sign in front of our building also generates new business. We also sponsored a Music In The Park concert series for a number of years ( complete with a banner on stage) We did get a lot of name recognition and some new sales but the cost involved became an issue.
  4. lawntennis

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    I got about 25 new customers from doing a local home show. The second year I noticed the same people come every year. I got to talk to a lot of my new customers from the year before but only got 8 new customers
  5. Turfdoctor1

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    I completely agree about mutually beneficial relationships with landscape companies. I too, work with multiple landscapers, and I would venture to guess that at least 1/3 of my accounts are from this type of referral.

    On top of that, mass marketing is the only way to go. Door hangers and direct mail. they have to look good and the timing has to be right, but the response is the best you can buy.
  6. tlg

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    I forgot to mention we also did the home show. We shared a spot with one of our landscape company " partners". We do a lot of sub-contract work for them. It worked great as we were there to answer any questions for any potential leads they were getting . Direct mail works as well. Nothing beats customer referrals though. Happy customers are more than willing to tell a friend or neighbor who they should have treating there lawn. We have given customers free applications or aeration's for their help in the referrals.
  7. kandklandscape

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    jon we are new to the fert programs to. What we did when we first started offering fert programs in the spring when you send your contracts out, give them an estimate to do there fert. to. Also when you send out your monthly billings put a little note inside saying you offer these services. The easiest way to get new fert. clients is to run an ad in the paper saying free grub control application, we got 15 new fert program clients that way last october when we ran that ad in the tribune.
  8. kandklandscape

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    also as far as radio and tv i wouldnt suggest doing that at all. direct mail is a great way to start out. if you need postcards lemme know i can get them at sams club very cheap. use a laser printer if you have one, if you use a inkjet the ink will smear everywhere.

    direct mail marketing you can figure around .45 per piece, we do a good bit in march. i also have a list of 30k plus if you want i would like to purchase another list this year and we could go in half, it is right around 300$ for 30k names in a income bracket
  9. mow2nd

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    just pass out flyers that say This is _____ we're going to be in your area putting down a one time application of weed and feed (of course pros don't use w&f but you know what i mean.) Knock off about $10 your normal rate. Give them a set price and if they want it done, sign the flyer and stick in on the front door the next day. Once you do the application leave a bill and on the bill ask if they are interested in a program. Also ask for an email address and email them when it's time for the next app.

    good luck
  10. MStine315

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    I have found this to be the case as well. I do phone book, website, newspaper, and of course the trucks, but referrals are the best. People feel much more comfortable hearing that someone else has had a good experience and don't have to go in blind. I offer a $20 bonus to customers who refer me customers. I knock off the $20 on the following year's prepay letter. This gives people incentive to stay, too. Working with landscapers/mowers has been very beneficial, too.

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