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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mooch91, Jul 6, 2013.

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    I'd like to improve my coverage accuracy with my backpack sprayer for broadcast operations. I think I do a pretty good job maintaining a relatively constant pressure by "feel", but I'd like to be able to monitor pressure while walking and pumping. Pressure regulation not absolutely required.

    Anyone have a creative "how to" on adding a gauge to a backpack sprayer? Model is a Solo 475 - I'm assuming somewhere on the handle would be ideal (tank won't work because it's not pressurized). I'm sure I can figure it out by adapting some pieces together, but figured I'd try to tap the collective knowledge of this forum first.

    Alternatively, can the pressure gauge/regulator from Solo's "deluxe" series be retrofitted to the standard units?

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    Call Sprayer Depot 800-228-0905
    I'll bet the deluxe wand with gauge will fit your sprayer, they will know for sure.
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    You need the pressure regulator--just buy it.

    And spend the time necessary to calibrate the sprayer. Learn how to walk at a consistent speed.(Or use hand-held GPS). Apply exactly one gallon on concrete. Measure exactly how many sq feet you covered. Repeat until consistent within 10 percent.

    Try to apply at about 100 to 110 percent of the label rate--you don't want to apply less than the effective dose.
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    Problem solved.

    Solo says that part number 4900622 is a direct fit for the gauge. Threads on to the standard Solo wand.

    Available from Solo or for $29.

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