Adding organic matter to bermuda

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    There is not enough sulfur on sulfur coated urea to help with pH problems. Also, many researchers have found that using urea N feeds diseases. The conventional answer is to starve the lawn because most pre made granular fertilizers are all urea. I do not want urea or potassium chloride in what I am applying to lawns. That is why everything I apply is custom blended. Alkaline soils get all of their N from ammonium sulfate. Acid soils are fed calcium nitrate. Potassium is supplied by potassium nitrate. P is added if needed in the form of phosphoric acid. I also include the full label rate of chelated/soluble micronutrients.

    My problem with coated fertilizers is exactly as quiet said, plus all of my lawns are cut at under 1" with a reel mower. The reel would pick up and shatter all of the granules, not to mention it is usual to use the basket in front of the reel. If the granules survive the reel mower, I never know when it is going to release and how much. Too much guessing for my liking. I know exactly what a liquid mix will do and for how long it will do it.
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    The sulfur coated urea I get also has 5% sulfur and 2 or 3% iron. It seems I am getting pretty good color and not alot of surge growth, but I might try and locate some of the other. In most of our clay over limestone soil, test were showing that the P and K were buiding up so I swiched to N only except for fall. I may need to get some tested again since it has been awhile. I might also try and find some of the other sulfate type nitrogen.

    To the OP
    I did not mean to hijack. I was just wondering about what was already posted about the urea.

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