Adding Shovel,Rake compartments to a Dump Truck?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by North Ga, Apr 29, 2006.

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    I tried looking 1st on the site but had no luck.
    We are looking into adding a Tool compartment to our Isuzu.Its only 4 months old.It looks just like this pic minus the bed.
    Its just a flatbed with a Dump.We added 3 sets of boards(about 2-3 feet tall) that are removable all around the 2 sides and back for when we carry mulch.Theres a lot of space between the cab and Dump and was wondering is it possible to have some compartments welded to the Dump for Rakes,shovels,etc?Does anybody know a web site that does this kind of work to get some examples?

    Heres a pic of someone trucks from this site like we want.

    Thanks in advance
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    I have a box that is similar to yours in the pic. I used expanded metal between the pieces of channel that run the length of the box. I made a door with a locking hasp like you see on other tool boxes, so you slide the tools in and out by the back end of the truck. I fit rakes,scoop,shovel,pruning poles,etc. in it it is out of the way and has worked pretty well. It is on a 12' omaha standard dump box.
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    I'm having my welder do some fab work on my bulkhead. He is going to cut the top off, weld on some angle iron for support, and then expanded metal sheet over the from, between the cab. I thnk all my tools will fit, but having him put an extra 3/4" just to be safe. OR just weld some 2 1/2" pipe on the back of the bulkhead vertically if it won't be in the way.

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