Adding side door to dump trailer

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by PLLandscape, Nov 17, 2013.

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    Shame youre not closer. I know someone who would do it for a few hundred. Try looking up a fabricator in your area. Should be a half day job.
  2. A. W. Landscapers  Inc.

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    If resale value is a high priority and you want it to look as good as the one in the picture you posted pay the $2,500 price tag and get it installed professionally. If you don't want to spend that much money and are willing to sacrifice a little in the looks department do it yourself…take your time and do a really good job...cut it with a saw instead of an angle grinder…cut really straight lines...smooth over the cut edges, etc. The level of quality and the finished look is determined by the person performing the task and the material you choose to use.
  3. Steiner

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    Buy a second small used dump trailer for 2500 bucks…

    double the fun

    make you operation more flexible
  4. DuallyVette

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    I am looking at a new dump truck with a 4 ft curbside door. The body builder only charged $400 for the option
  5. GQLL

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    This is like another storie. To get a trailer tongue longer it a 150 option from the factory but 1500 to have it added later on. This takes skill and time to do this job right there having to reinforce around the cut out. It always cheaper to have it done at the factory when it on there jigs and can easy be done while being built. If i was you i would sell the trailer and then buy one with a side door and you would probable come out ahead. I just never seen why a side door on a dump trailer would be useful. Now on a truck it different since you cannot reach over the sides.
  6. PLLandscape

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    Ok, for those having a tough time understanding why a side door, let me clarify. Again. The truck I currently use is not suited for this type of work. It's a beauty queen (F350 crew cab dually) and not a work truck. So that being clarified it does an excellent job pullin the trailer. Many of my jobs are the 2-4 yards of mulch, trim, edge, etc.... What I want to happen is carry my finish product (mulch) in the back 3/5. I have a separating partition. Having the door on the side near the front would allow me to load up all the trimmings, edgings, and other spoils while having the finish product in the trailer. This will reduce wasted time traveling to the landscape dump then to the mulch supplier then back to the job. This would allow me to get materials early and not need to dump until later. Saves me time during the day as the supply yard is close to home and I can dump at home or nearby. So two jobs would take 8hrs vs 10hrs. Yes I have jobs where I can fill that entire 14x7 bed with edging and trimmings so at that point a side door is unnecessary. Side door also allows loading of palletized material in the front and possibly two in the rear.

    Probably would be cheaper to sell and get another built from the factory.

    Other options include:

    Dump insert for truck
    Cheap dump truck
    Get rid if nice truck for decent dump

    I want to not need to leave the job site if possible. Especially those smaller jobs. Time killer. Although I'm probably going to switch to bagged mulch for smaller jobs. That way I can transport finish and spoils. It just makes sense for some jobs.
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    Nothing wrong with wanting a side door. I have a side ramp door on my enclosed trailers, so I can unload a walkbehind without unloading the standers in the trailer. On a dump truck, a 4 foot side door will let you load a pallet of fertilizer, lime, or whatever in the front of the bed, instead of pushing them all in from the back.
    A trailer with sides already has some upright posts down the side. If they are in the wrong place, move one. Buy two heavy duty hinges, and two gate latches ( or go as fancy as you like) bolt the hinges and latches on... your done. I've done this several times. It ain't rocket science.
  8. PLLandscape

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    It's not rocket science I know. I'm not a welder and I have some friends lined up that may know some fabricators. Want it done right and clean. Not some lowball hack move.
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  9. A. W. Landscapers  Inc.

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    So if I got this correct, you don't want to pay someone the $2,500 to do it the job the correct way and you can't do that level of quality yourself and you are unwilling to accept lower quality. So you want top quality work for less than top quality prices.

    Just keep shopping…maybe you will get luck and find a low baller who will deliver the top quality you seek at the low price you are willing to pay. Good luck.
  10. PLLandscape

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    A.W. , when there are friends of friends out there who don't have the massive overhead or contacts who will trade services why wouldn't I? If it turns out $2500 is the only way to have it done right then forget it. But maybe I can do some landscaping for someone and only end up paying them $750 or less for a great job. A large shop won't accept that. Even if it was $1000-$1500 I'd see that as a little more reasonable. But what do I know. I don't run a welding/fab shop.

    I used to trade services with guy who sold tools. I ended up with some very expensive Dewalt tools for maybe a tank of gas in the mower for the whole year.

    I see your point. I'm just trying to find the best bang for my buck. Don't you?
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